where to buy the console online this tuesday?

Stocks are not pushing for PS5. After the release at the end of 2020, Sony is still unable to provide production to meet demand. Finding sellers offering the console is still difficult. But Cdiscount may have copies this Tuesday morning. The opportunity to get your hands on a beast with excellent characteristics. Thanks to the solid state drive, games load in record time with incredible graphics quality. As always with Sony, the PS5 comes with great exclusives between Marvel’s Spider-Man, Returnal, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Horizon Forbidden West, or even God of War. The console is also banking on the recently unveiled PSVR 2, an upcoming affordable VR headset. The new PlayStation Plus guarantees access to an unlimited catalog of games for a monthly subscription. What good arguments in favor of this premium machine!

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Here are tips for buying a PS5 console

If Cdiscount puts new shares up for sale, you do not guarantee receipt of them. Several tricks need to be implemented. To get started, feel free to browse the stores of other online sellers such as Fnac, Darty, Amazon, or Rakuten. They are sometimes offered by large retailers, check out Carrefour or Auchan. Register your information on all sites so that you only need to confirm your order with your address and pre-registered banking information. By subscribing to the newsletter and social networks of experts such as Dealabs or Hamster Player, you will quickly receive information about new promotions for PS5. If you are also looking for a new internet box, for now, operators are offering a package with a Sony console such as the SFR. Ability to kill two birds with one stone! By applying all these very simple tips, you will maximize your chances of getting a beast.

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The best PS5 accessory plans you can’t miss

Playstation 5 charging station priced at €13.64 instead of €29.04.

PS5 DualSense Type C Dual Charging Station for only €32.96

Cooling support for PS5 priced at €26.38 instead of €32.97.

Protective case for the PS5 game console for 23.86 euros instead of 39.76 euros.

Mobile plan at the lowest price that hits the target: 20 GB for €4.99 per month.

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PS5 promotions: where to buy the console online on Tuesday?

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