when employees sleep, mice work!

Based on real events the name of the new exhibition Theo Oduard to Workshops of the wooden cityin Nantes. Revisiting the history of this place, the artist discovers a piece of the unknown, creeping shadows slipping between the crates of an old warehouse, and machines just waiting for people to fall asleep… Ridiculous exhibition at Discover until June 18, 2022.

A pile of cardboard boxes seems to be waiting alone in the former warehouse of Ateliers de la Ville en Bois… Alone?

On the street of the city in Vud, they say that the small inhabitants took over the business. That mice would crawl between cracks in walls and under drawers on shelves to spy on people’s work. In the dormant factory, small rodents still kept the machines running. And if they are not, then how to explain this presence, which prowls the company? Where do robots wake up in the middle of the night to sing the songs they heard the night before? You must be careful. Because it’s all about the details or patience in the works Theo Oduard.

Theo Oduard exhibition
Apparently the somewhat eccentric owner wanted to have his gerbils roaming around the warehouse!

Beware the surly ringed fluff on exhibition posters Based on real events. If you’re looking for these mice, they don’t have time, they’re in the kitchen. All that remains is the sectoral structure of their activities. Witnesses to their presence are rodent hoses zigzagging between the stored drawers of a shelving unit that rises to the ceiling. On closer inspection, modest bulbs flicker in the roar of the ventilation system, and small hatches let clouds of powder into the rhythmic and whimsical life of the machines.

Theo Auduard Nantes
In the short film by the artist, the employees occupy not the forefront, but its edges.

This is not surprising, because most of the materials presented at the exhibition were dug up by the artist from the basement of the residence! Really, Workshops of the wooden city formerly a food powder factory warehouse, Plaisance nature food. Theo Oduard later discovers that this factory still exists, but its site has been moved to Reza. So he decides to go there to meet the women, men and machines who share their daily lives and do a week-long internship there. It was on this occasion that he photographed a room inhabited by an inexpressible presence…

Theo Auduard Nantes

To the choruses of pop songs played from the factory speakers all day long, cars and people make repeated gestures, not knowing who imitates whom. Like the tutorials on Youtube, the activities are connected without specific goals, but after a while, an accident can happen. Bug. In the form of fatigue, we end up seeing things we haven’t seen before.

“I’m trying to stretch slow, repetitive daily moments to see where they might open on a breakout. In my various films there is always this visibility, this uplift. »

At various times in the film, the viewpoints come to life and we don’t know exactly where we are, but we understand that something strange is programmed. Perhaps it is more of a machine that observes the work of a person? Waiting for him to return home, allowing him to lead his secret life? The robot is then activated, as are these fluid flows circulating in an open installation. We have never been very far from animistic thought, where it is enough to pay attention to an object to know what it releases.

Theo Oduard
Portrait of the artist Theo Audire in the flesh and in pixels!

Creating a dialogue between the world of industry and the miniature world of pet shops, there is only one step left from the factory to the hamster cage! A mixture of industrial and domestic universes gives originality to creativity Theo Oduard. An exhibition that would not have taken place without the support Pepin Mu. Under the guidance of young curators of the exhibition Matilda Moreau as well as Pauline Thor, they were very sensitive to the artist’s interest in the place and its history. This award-winning association Alpha 4awarded MPViteallowed her, accompanied by this other major cultural association, to organize the residence of the creator.

Exhibition Based on real events from Theo Oduard visible from 4 to 18 June 2022 Workshops of the wooden city21 rue de la ville en Bois, Nantes.


Open from Wednesday to Sunday from 15:00 to 19:00 and by appointment by phone 07 69 52 78 21.


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