What is the price of a hamster? What annual maintenance budget should I plan for?

If the purchase price of a hamster is relatively reasonable, you should know that this small animal has equipment, food, and care needs that are far from negligible. All year round, a hamster needs a forecast of a certain budget, the average estimate of which is preferable to know before committing. Let’s sum up the costs involved in adopting this little rodent.

How much does a hamster cost?

You will be able to find a hamster at a very reasonable price. When you go to a pet shop or an association that offers them, expect an average of 20 euros for a small rodent.

However, you can adopt one for an average of 10 euros from people who want to adopt babies from a litter, or even for free.

How much does the cage and necessary equipment for a hamster cost?

If the price of a hamster is low, you will have to allocate a lot more money for all the necessary equipment. It is preferable to plan them before adopting a small rodent, so that you can calmly, without haste, equip your nest and your environment.

Here is what you will need to buy for your future little pet by category.

For transport

A transport cage is needed to take your pet to the vet or while traveling with him. Allow 6 to 15 euros.

For his cell

  • Spacious cage, comfortable, durable and well suited to her needs, easy to clean, preferably with a glass bottom for better hygiene: count from 50 to 80 euros.
  • Indoor or outdoor enclosure so that he can walk safely outside his cage: 15 to 50 euros.
  • Sun protection for outdoor fencing: 5 to 10 euros.

For food and hygiene

  • Bowl for storing seeds: 3 to 5 euros.
  • A rodent bottle that is easy to take apart and clean so that he always has clean and fresh water: from 4 to 10 euros.
  • Small container for disposal of bathing clay: 4 to 10 euros.

Equip your cage

  • House for rodents, two-level, so that he can hide there: on average from 10 to 30 euros.
  • Comfortable and cozy nest made of cotton fiber: from 2 to 8 euros.
  • Exercise wheel, preferably hard to avoid injury or feet getting stuck between the bars: 5 to 20 euros depending on the material.
  • Playing bridge: from 5 to 15 euros.
  • Ball for hamsters and small rodents: from 2 to 8 euros.
  • One or more ramps: 10 euros per ramp on average.
  • Rope for rodents: from 4 to 10 euros.

Therefore, on average, you will need to set aside between 125 and 300 euros for equipment to house your hamster.

What regular expenses does a hamster need?

You are now equipped. However, you will now need to account for the following recurring expenses in your budget.


It is extremely important to offer your hamster a healthy diet, tailored to his needs and of good quality, so that he can live better, longer and in good health. Rodents are sensitive and have very specific nutritional needs that must be met because the slightest imbalance can be disastrous very quickly.

Here are the expenses you will need to plan in terms of food:

  • Mixture of seeds (wheat, dari, carob, sunflower, peanut, corn, barley, oats, peas) for hamsters, preferably without pesticides or GMOs: calculate an average of 15 to 20 euros per year.
  • Quality hay with little dust: plan a budget of 10 to 15 euros per year.
  • Corks, which are nutrient-rich foods to meet the nutritional needs of the hamster for vitamins, minerals and trace elements: Expect an average of 18 to 25 euros per year.


Hamsters have very specific litter needs. Like many rodents, the hamster has a sensitive respiratory system that requires good quality, highly absorbent and low-dust bedding. To avoid the risk of toxicity, choose hemp, corn, cork, or coconut filler. Estimate a total of 30 to 40 euros of garbage per year.

sandy land

For personal hygiene, the hamster does not take wet baths. Like other rodents, he prefers baths with earth, very fine and soft sand, which allows him to polish his hair and shake off dust. On the other hand, to avoid skin problems due to poor quality sand, buy sand only for chinchillas. Never give the sand you have collected, it will be poisonous to your little companion.

For bathing soil for chinchillas, expect about 6 to 16 euros per year.

On average, plan a total budget of 80 to 115 euros per year for this type of product, which is very important.

What are the health costs of your hamster?

Your hamster’s classic antiparasitic treatment and regular vaccinations will cost you an average of ten euros per month.

In case of consultation, veterinarians charge about 40 euros for such a visit. Add to this the cost of care, examinations and treatment.

However, keep in mind that to reduce your veterinary costs and cover unforeseen circumstances, you can take out animal health insurance. New pet formulas (NAC) cost an average of 5 to 30 euros per month.

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