What games and toys to offer a dwarf rabbit?

Toys can serve as intermediaries for forming a strong relationship with a dwarf rabbit. There are also toys that he can play with alone so as not to get bored. What toys can you offer him? Are there toys adapted to his size?

Playing with my dwarf bunny

If you want to play with your dwarf bunny, you will have no choice but to lie down on the ground. In the early stages of your relationship, you will remain motionless. Curious, he will come to discover you. He will even eventually jump on you. Be careful with your gestures because you shouldn’t startle him at this stage of the approach.

Once the introduction is done in the right way, you will know everything that can be done with your dwarf rabbit. You can throw a small ball at him and see what he does with it. He can push her away or pick her up. No, do not dream, he will not return it to you! But in any case, when he interacts with you, it is helpful to offer him a small reward to cheer him up and encourage him to resume his behavior. Be careful to remain moderate in rewards so as not to contribute to your dwarf rabbit’s obesity.

important to try different toys. First, to stimulate your rabbit. The animal behaves like a human: when there are no more surprises, fatigue sets in, then boredom comes. If left unchecked, it means he can wither, especially when he is alone without another rabbit or even a companion animal. You should also try different toys to discover your dwarf rabbit’s tastes. Indeed, not all rabbits like to play the same things. Someone likes to catch and throw something, someone likes to roll toys, and still others prefer toys that make a sound…

Are there toys for dwarf rabbits?

You will not find toys dedicated to dwarf rabbits, but only to rabbits in general. We remind you that the dwarf rabbit is smaller than the classic domestic rabbit. On average, it weighs only 1 kg to 1.5 kg with a size never exceeding 20 cm, while normally a rabbit can weigh 1 kg more and measure 30 cm more.

There are “rodents” and “small mammal” toys that may suit your dwarf rabbit. Indeed, the golden hamster, the largest of the hamsters, can reach 17 cm in length. Thus, we are not that far from the size of a dwarf rabbit. However, its weight does not exceed 150 g. This is an important difference to keep in mind if you are looking for toys in this category.

Therefore, before choosing a toy, you must decide if it is right for you. adapted to your dwarf rabbit. If your grade is poor, it is unlikely that he will hurt himself, your dwarf rabbit simply will not play with him.

If you don’t know your little furry friend well yet, you may not choose the right ones because they won’t match his play preferences. test different things with items you find around you and watch your rabbit’s behavior to see what he likes.

Toys that you can make yourself or find at home

You can make a shelter or even a course out of cardboard boxes, paper towel tubes, or toilet paper. You adapt the dimensions to the size of your pygmy bunny so he can crawl inside or jump on him, whichever he prefers to do. It is safe to say that he will also appreciate a cardboard box filled with torn paper or dry leaves: he will play there like children in a ball pool.

Napkins and paper bags (simple, without metal decorations, for example) your pygmy rabbit will shred with pleasure.

A cardboard tissue box that you strip away the plastic parts and fill with hay becomes a food dispenser that encourages exercise because your rabbit will have to work hard to get the hay out. If you give him this device, stay nearby to make sure he doesn’t get stuck inside.

Metal lids with blunt edges, like those on mayonnaise or pickle jars, are simple toys that make a sound when the rabbit turns them over.

You can also offer your dwarf rabbit toys for human babies made of hard plastic that its rodent teeth cannot pierce or break: rattles, keys, stackable cups.

exercise toys

In the wild, rabbits are very active because they have a lot of work to do: dig tunnels and burrows, look for food, play with other rabbits. It is very important to provide activities for your pet rabbit. Thus, this is the category with the most offers.

A two-level house with a built-in staircase can increase your dwarf rabbit’s energy expenditure.

Exercise tunnels made of hard or soft plastic or natural materials are specially designed for small animals and are therefore safe for them. Usually they like to get inside and even sleep in it. Ideally, buy several to make different routes.

There are devices of the “jolly tree” type, which consist of a central trunk, from which branches are suspended, on which figures (for example, carrots) are suspended. Typically made from natural materials such as algae and corn husks, these toys are safe for the animal and are especially stimulating once your rabbit decides to grab whatever is hanging. This type of toy can be expensive, so it’s best to test the device beforehand to make sure your rabbit will play with it.

Stationary spinning hay balls can also be used as mobile treadmills.

Other toys for your dwarf rabbit

There are also games that stimulate thinking and learning. These are different devices, usually related to food, because the rabbit will only look for a solution to a “problem” if it is motivated.

Therefore, you will find small rodent balls on the market designed to hold treats. Adjustable opening allows food to fall out as the ball rotates. Made of hard plastic, the toy is safe and conduciveskill animal.

You’ll also find “food tree” games of varying difficulty, with boxes or other caches to fill with food that the rabbit must push, roll, or lift to be able to eat.

Rodents, of course, must use their teeth. Therefore, chew toys are just as important as any other. Usually made of wood, some toys have a small bell to add a touch of sound to the gameplay. Simple rugs made from seaweed, hemp, or any other raw natural material can also please your dwarf rabbit.

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