What does my rabbit mean?

Rabbit uses very little or at least very little “voice” to communicate with humans. talk mostly to your bodyexpressing sentiments that seem incomprehensible to those who do not understand his language.

In nature, rabbits live in colonies, inside which everyone knows who are the “chiefs” and who are the “subjects”. Thereby, dominant animal shows his superiority by doing clean his fur his subordinates.

He expresses this request by assuming a very precise position, legs bent under the body, chest pressed to the ground, and head tilted forward. In truth, this is a request, very similar to the order that a rabbit can make to its owner when it wants to stroke or scratch behind the ear.

So living with a rabbit means understand his languagejust like he teaches him to do with human language.

Even if it seems incredible, do you know that if its owner repeats the name of the rabbit often, the latter in a short time demonstrates thathe understands the meaning of the word and comes out to meet him whenever the master calls him?

Rabbit body language

I’m fine
When he is calm and feels safe, he lies on his stomach and stretches his hind legs. Sometimes he even rolls over and sleeps with his belly up, which suggests that he is extremely relaxed.

I am watching
If the body is elevated and the tail is in a horizontal position, this means that the animal is concentrating and exploring its surroundings.

I’m afraid
The body is flattened on the ground, the ears are thrown back and the eyes are bulging: this means that he is afraid. He seems to be trying to make himself invisible, remaining completely motionless, what exactly understands the meaning of this word and goes towards him whenever his master calls him? What does a wild rabbit do when it sees a bird of prey flying over it?

I am crazy
The pygmy rabbit is known to be a gentle animal, but it can sometimes vocalize and become aggressive. At the same time, the ears are erect and turned outward, the tail is straight, and the paws are slightly apart. It’s best to leave him alone because you risk being bitten.
I am interested…

In order to inspect the world around him or to reach objects that arouse his curiosity, but are too high for him, he makes a “little man”, that is, he stands back on his feet. He can also behave when greeting a householder who has approached the cage.

Anxiety !
Those who have seen Walt Disney’s Bambi probably remember Thumper, a small rabbit that drums on the ground with its hind legs to warn forest animals that there is an enemy around. The domestic rabbit does the same when it senses danger or an unusual presence.

What happiness
Leaps in the air and pirouettes, sometimes shaking their heads, are manifestations of great joy. When he runs around his master’s feet, it means “I am very glad to see you.”

It is mine
It happens sometimes that we see our friend rubbing his nose against the leg of the table, against his cage, or even against our legs. This behavior is due to the fact that rabbits communicate with each other through their noses. They have glands located under their snouts that secrete a substance used to mark their territory. A person does not feel this, but other rabbits feel well.

Hello, are you hugging me a little?
The owner is slightly nudged with an arm or leg: this is both a way of greeting and a request for hugs.

lay me down
A light bite is a way to attract attention: for example, he is in his arms and you want to put him on the ground.

I like you
If he licks your hand, this is a sign of great affection. To see this, just watch two rabbits that get along well with each other: they are close and lick each other.

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