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Did you know that there is not one dwarf rabbit, but several breeds of dwarf rabbits? Discover the world of purebred pygmy rabbits below!

Dwarf rabbits are not just little rabbits! There are many different breeds of dwarf rabbits, each with their own distinct characteristics.

angora pygmy rabbit

Calm and silent, the angora dwarf rabbit has a long coat of 5 to 7 cm! When deciding to have a dwarf Angora rabbit in your life, you must be prepared for the fact that during the molt, which occurs every three months, he will have many hairballs. It is also important to take care of the animal’s coat and keep an eye on it to avoid possible problems with digestion or breathing.

british miniature rabbit

small british dwarf rabbit
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This little rabbit has short ears, usually white fur and red eyes. It is easier to care for than most other pygmy rabbits and only needs to be brushed once a week to stay in shape and retain that characteristic elegance!

Polish pygmy rabbit

Polish pygmy rabbit
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With a round head and erect ears, the Polish pygmy or “ermine” rabbit is completely white, spotless and weighs about a kilogram when fully grown.

Dutch pygmy rabbit

Dutch pygmy rabbit

Also called the colored pygmy rabbit, this animal from the Polish pygmy rabbit is not white! Popular in France, the Dutch pygmy rabbit has short ears.


Dutch fold pygmy rabbit

Not to be confused with the Dutch Dwarf Rabbit! The Dutch Fold is a cross between a Dutch dwarf rabbit and a dwarf fold rabbit.

It is very small and very popular abroad, but less so in France, where the French Rabbit Federation does not recognize it as a breed due to its reproductive difficulties.

Rex pygmy rabbit

dwarf rabbit rex
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A breed not recognized by the French Rabbit Federation, the dwarf rex rabbit weighs between 1 and 1.5 kg with a maximum height of 6.5 cm. This animal has a special, thick and very fluffy fur. The pygmy rex rabbit has furry ears, which it wears erect and close together.

Dwarf lop-eared rabbit

pygmy lop-eared rabbit

This animal is one of the heaviest pygmy rabbits, with a muscular and stocky body that can reach or even slightly exceed two kilograms.

With his long floppy ears that can be upright at birth! – the dwarf lop-eared rabbit is a calm animal that is an excellent companion.

Dwarf rabbit lop rex

As you may have guessed, this is a cross between the two previous breeds, and it is much easier to find it! Muscular and with floppy ears like the pygmy fold rabbit, the pygmy fold rabbit is also very soft, like the pygmy rex rabbit, with very thick fur.

Jersey woolly pygmy rabbit

Jersey Wool

Very docile and soft, the Jersey coat comes from a cross between the Angora rabbit and the Dutch dwarf rabbit that occurred in the 1970s. With small erect ears on the head and a compact body, this rabbit tempts many pet owners, but deserves to be better known in France!

Dwarf Hoto

dwarf rabbit

For his white coat and two colored spots around the eyes, the dwarf Hotot across the English Channel was nicknamed the Eye of Imagination! Indeed, these eye patches lend a whimsical side to this short-haired little bunny with V-shaped ears.

Satin pygmy rabbit

satin dwarf rabbit
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This bunny’s satiny fur gave him an adorable name! The satin pygmy rabbit has small legs, large eyes, and short erect ears. This is quite rare.

fox dwarf rabbit

Even rarer than the satin pygmy rabbit, the fox pygmy rabbit is playful but fragile and must be handled with great care and care.

dwarf rabbit with lion head

dwarf rabbit with lion head

To get this funny name, the lion-headed pygmy rabbit exposes long hair on its head – up to 10 cm! – and short on the rest of the body. These long hairs need to be taken care of so as not to cause digestive problems in a rabbit that ingests them.

Lutterbach’s ermine rabbit

Lutterbach's ermine rabbit
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Recognized by the French Rabbit Federation in 2004, the Lutterbach ermine rabbit weighs between 0.8 and 1.7 kg maximum.

It has small legs, a stocky body, red eyes, short ears, and a white coat with colored ears.

ash gray dwarf rabbit

ecru ash dwarf rabbit
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The ash gray dwarf rabbit is an adorable animal but very hard to find! Its extremely rare color is very beautiful, but difficult for a breeder to obtain. However, his coat is easy to care for.

American fuzzy lop

american furry hop

A relative of the Dutch Fold and Pygmy Fold, this pygmy rabbit from the United States has floppy ears and a thick coat that has also earned it the nickname Cashmere Fold.


Dwarf rabbit breeds have no more secrets for you! If you have a favorite breed and are considering introducing one into your home, check out our article: Do I need to vaccinate my dwarf rabbit?

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