Was there a Kinder effect among the Chalonnay chocolatiers at Easter?

Was the mass recall of Ferrero chocolate products due to salmonella the reason for the boom in sales of chocolate manufacturers and bakeries in our country during the Easter period? For many of them in the profession, this is not obvious; the reasons would have to be sought elsewhere. Read more with Info Chalon.

The average consumption of chocolate in France is 6.4 kg per inhabitant per year. The French tend to eat more dark chocolate than the rest of Europe (30% versus 5% on average across the Old Continent).

The chocolate industry is represented by 115 companies, 90% of which are small and medium enterprises. In total, it employs more than 30,000 people (including 15,850 in industrial production) and participates in the economic activities of all regions of France.

Inside, of course, there are Cémoi or Nestlé mastodons, Weiss or Révillon small and medium enterprises, manufacturers and their stores such as Leonidas or Jeff de Bruges. And then there are dozens of masters of a more local scale, in the region of Burgundy, historical, such as the houses of Allex or Dufu.

The Easter period, which has just ended, marks the second culmination of the year after Christmas for all chocolate lovers and those who work with cocoa. At Easter alone, chocolate sales in France amount to 205 million euros.

This year the context is marked by the Ferrero-Kinder scandal.

The Italian group that makes the world-famous Kinder has been forced to recall some of its chocolates due to the risk of contracting salmonella, a bacterium that causes gastroenteritis, which can be serious in children.

This bacterium has been found in the Arlon factory in Belgium, which has become the center of a food scandal, since December 15, 2021. However, the alarm was only announced… April 4, 2022 in France!

In total, EFSA* identified 150 contaminations in 9 European countries. Very often, unfortunately, these are children under 10 years old.

Ferrero France has since “voluntarily” recalled hundreds of tons of Belgian-made Kinder chocolates over a “potential” link to salmonella cases in the two weeks leading up to Easter when sales soared.

But Has this food scandal affected the sales of chocolate artisans and pastry shops in Châlons-sur-Saone?

Impossible to say” behind Gwenael Rigauda Dufoux boutique saleswoman who explains to us that the results were “wonderfully good“.

The chocolate maker that has been pleasing the taste buds since the 1960s has offered about thirty creations, from unicorns to dogs and hamsters. Everything went very quickly and that’s good, the Easter holidays are a crucial period for confectioners and chocolate makers.

For Gwenael, the reasons must be sought elsewhere. Not being able to go too far, maybe need to turn the page about Covid.

We feel that this year people really wanted to celebrate Easter with their families. It was very nice, the people were very friendly” she explains to us.

From the Amaryllis boutique, we answer in the affirmative.

I think that indeed, the Kinder “effect” really was. I cannot tell you how much, because the last two years have also been marked by a health crisis that cannot be overlooked. One thing is for sure, people were buying until the last minute. It’s simple, I only have a few Easter stories left“, Comments Marion Bellotsaleswoman.

Indeed, during our visit, only Gaston-Pooh remained, a milk chocolate item for 19 euros apiece.

There were a little more people, but I didn’t really feel the Kinder effect. Anyway, the customers didn’t tell us anything! For Easter, we definitely buy chocolate!“tell us Marion Butremanager of the bakery and confectionery Citadelle.

The same goes for the Wettling chocolate factory or the Chaudat house.

We have good sales, especially the last three days. New clients, good sales, people don’t skimp on the budget, but it’s hard to compare to last year when Easter was in March.“, tells us Christine Tibertseller Féerie Gourmande.

Closed for the holidays until May 5, the bakery and confectionery organized an Easter raffle and the winner was Beatrice Gallandregular customer.

Please note that a week before closing, La Féerie Gourmande organized a 50% discount sale which was a great success.

No noticeable impact on sales” behind Daniel Allex which tells us that the sales were very good and the clientele well attended.

And the golden triangle brand made it for these holidays more than 4000 items which quickly found performers in a short time.

As a rule, the house of Allex arranges Easter, its second highlight after Christmas, when it is not the galette des rois period.

This Saturday, May 7th, Allex brings cake into the spotlight with a tasting stand. You have been warned!

With two-thirds of sales in the last week before Easter, it would seem that for most of its specialists there is not much growth after Ferrero’s announcement.

* English abbreviation for European Food Safety Authority, this is the European Food Safety Authority.

Karim Bouaklin-Venegas Al Garnati

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