Vienna: Jaheki’s Ark collects (other) abandoned animals

A pig given as a housewarming gift, a very cute hamster adopted into the family and turned out to be a pregnant mother, a laying hen who no longer lays eggs, a mower goat who ran away due to lack of enough food. The cases of the figure are numerous, but the purpose is the same, whether you are a farm animal, a barnyard animal, or a small pet: abandonment.

For a long time now, four women from Vienna have been devoting their energy, their time and a lot of money to adopt these animals, in addition to the dogs and cats that already fill the shelters.

In June 2022, these dedicated volunteers formed an association Ark of Yaheki (Ja as Janet the goat, He as Henri the pig, and Ka as Kara the rabbit, the first animals collected).

Every animal has needs that humans don’t always measure.

©Mathieu Erduin

People mistake them for lawnmowers, but one animal needs to be taken care of

Marianna, Ark of Jaheki Association Champagne Saint Hilaire

“We are always looking for a farm of at least ten hectares to create the enclosures and spaces needed for all the animals,” explains Marianne. In the meantime, “we live with our loved ones!” Each of them uses his house and his land in Champagne-Saint-Hilaire, Clouet or Saint-Georges. le Baillardeaux: Valerie has 7 goats, 3 goats, 2 rams, 1 sheep, 2 pigs and babies live their best lives.

“In order to have a farm animal, it is necessaryhave a holder number (one). People often mistake them for legged mowers, but a goat or a sheep requires care, a paddock, infrastructure, food, a daily change of water … “The animal or animals are placed in permanent host family : the family takes full responsibility, but in case of problems, the association can take them back.

The pet store problem

On the territory and in the house of other members of the association, 37 rabbits, 8 guinea pigs, 2 hamsters, 4 rats and other farm animals supplement the ark.

“The problem with NACs is different,” says Marianne. favorite shopping cuties left unattended, animals with bad sex (two males will fight together), females who come with a brood … ”For these volunteers, as long as there is a sale in pet stores, the problem will repeat.

The Association offers Nacs for adoption, of course, more expensive than in a pet store, but All animals are vaccinated and sterilized. And free advice on how best to adapt a “living, sensitive being”!

Every animal has a story: Valerie with the pigs rescued from the lab.

©Mathieu Erduin

Pallets or trays

“We are afraid that there will be more requests for abandonment of the child than for adoption…” Alice worries. What means significant costs : sterilization or castration, veterinary care, nutrition, development of enclosures and boxes … dare to say when you can’t do it with an animal and give us a call!”

There are several ways to help the association: apply for membership, make Don in cash (2) or in kind: food, equipment such as pallets for making fences, old shutters… And of course, sponsorto be host family as well as adopt one of Jeanette, Henri and Kara’s friends.

(1) Upon request from the Chamber of Agriculture and the Farm Animal Identification Authority.

(2) Tax-free donation


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Instagram: arche_de_jaheka

Facebook: Yaheka’s Ark

Marianne, Valerie and Elisa are here with Angele, in Saint-Georges-le-Baillardeau.

©Mathieu Erduin


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