VIDEO-PHOTO. Panda cubs at Beauval Zoo: what happens to the Juan Juan twins?

Cotton Flower, one of panda Juan Juan’s two-week-old twins. (© Zoo de Beauval)

Their names (for now) little snow as well as cotton flower And they are only 15 days old. For the twins female panda Juan Juan, Born August 2, 2021 at ZooParc de Beauval, “everything is going very well,” explains Antoine Leclerc, the zoological park’s veterinarian.

Twins currently weigh about 430 grams, about 300 grams more than at birth. The sign of “good development” delights the teacher.

What do they look like?

If at birth the babies did not look very much like (and from afar) the totem animal of China, their appearance is finally starting to change.

It is true that today they are unrecognizable compared to their birth! White hairs appear and black spots characteristic of a panda are visible. The eyes will also open soon.

Antoine LeclercVeterinarian at the Zoo Beauval

Them motor skills also develops: they crawl slowly and can even turn. Only at the age of about a year will they become completely autonomous, and at the age of two years they will have the fullness of an adult panda.

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Little snow, one of panda Juan Juan's two-week-old twins.
Little Snow, one of panda Juan Juan’s two-week-old twins. (© Zoo de Beauval)

Is the giant panda endangered?

As of 2016, the giant panda is no longer listed as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. But the survival of the species remains vulnerable. That is why their reproduction is under close scrutiny in China, where they come from and where they are considered a national treasure. Moreover, since 2010, killing a panda has been an act punishable by imprisonment in this country.

How are their days?

sleep and feed. These are the two main activities that intersperse their days.

Most often binoculars placed in incubators and when it is time for breastfeeding, they are in turn returned to the arms of their mother, Juan Juan. “They suckle 5 to 6 times a day and take 30 to 40 grams a day,” explains Antoine Leclerc, who takes turns looking after his new family around the clock with his colleagues.

It is we (educators, ed.) who pick them up and bring them directly to their mother, who is in a separate dressing room, in order to have a good rest.

Antoine Leclerc
Fleur de Coton and her twin are being closely watched.
Fleur de Coton and her twin spend a lot of time in the incubator. (© Zoo de Beauval)

Huang Huan wears her mother’s beanie with more dexterity than the first time she gave birth to Yuan Meng in 2017. First panda cub born in France.

She has good behavior with the twins. During her first maternal experience, she did not yet have the correct reflexes. There, from the start, she held them close to her, warming them to keep their bodies warm.

Antoine LeclercVeterinarian at the Zoo Beauval
Huang Huan, mother of twins, with one of them.
Huang Huan, mother of twins, with one of them. (© Zoo de Beauval)

When will the public be able to see them?

Many animal lovers look forward to seeing giant pandas live. But it will take be patient.

“We don’t have an official release date,” announces Rodolphe Delord, president of ZooParc de Beauval, “it all depends on their height. The priority at the moment is that they remain calm, as does their mother, who also needs rest. »

Find more images of Juan Juan and her twins in this gallery:

also remains with its find final name. This task falls to China, which will have to submit proposals within the next 100 days. Traditionally chosen by the first lady of China.

Two panda parents Yuan Zi and Huang Huang were borrowed by China from France in 2012 for ten years. What’s next? “We hope that the partnership will be expanded. All the lights are green,” says the director.

As for the children, Yuan Meng’s older brother and the twins, they will return to China.

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