VIDEO. Firefighters rescue dog stuck on roof

In Chaumont (Haut-Marne), firefighters had to intervene to find a dog lost on a roof. The incredible intervention took place on Monday, June 27, and ended happily.

Playing dog perched, we didn’t know. We called the fire department not because of a cat stuck in a tree, but because of a canine companion who managed to get on the roof.

This was on Monday, June 27, 2022. At precisely noon, the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (Sdis) of the Haute-Marne received this confusing call (a little less than for scorpions, though).

Not one, not two, the intervention of four firemen began without delay. In place in the attic, an American headquarters named Panda was waiting for them (“Jacobin” in slang), towering over the 34th long rue Tannery in Chaumont (Haut-Marne, see map below).

“He couldn’t go down anymore and wasn’t very sure”declares Lieutenant Xavier Mourer of France 3 Champagne-Ardenne. “I wondered how he managed to climb onto the roof…” Enough “flexible” go back there, but not go down. Firefighters are more accustomed to cats in trees.

Firefighters, who no longer have to intervene in this case (as in the case of bee or wasp nests), consider “that cats must be nimble enough to go down if they can go up”. And that there are very few of them to not see anyone “skeleton” inside or at the foot of a tree.

“They went to get it with a rescue bag system, that is, a set of ropes tied to the roof, in order to then develop safely. It was a bit of climbing: the work is usually of specialized groups that we call Grimp : that is, groups of research and intervention in hazardous environments that are usually found in large cities and large departments – Paris is in their origin – and which allows, in particular , dive into the reminder “.

“We don’t have Grimp on the Haute Marne, but our people are used to walking on rooftops during fires, storms, floods… We know how to safely walk on rooftops in all conditions, the same tricks were used to restore the dog.” (to find out in the video below).

But why didn’t you use the good old automatic turning ladder (Epa)? “Because the problem with animals is that when they’re frightened by something that’s coming towards them, they tend to move.”

“However, we see that the dog rested its buttocks on the edge of the roof. He didn’t have to move anymore or he might fall. Whereas the cat would have remained on the roof without any problems … ” (which we can clearly see in the impressive Facebook post below)

Anyway Panda “has been handed over to its owners without any problems”. The firefighter who picked him up confesses “that he was very nice, he let himself be done by two firefighters who got up to protect him”.

An opportunity to get an explanation of how this dog ended up there. “Above the roof there is a part of the rampart – there are such around Chaumont – and the dog is accustomed, from a small area, to walk on a flat roof, easily accessible. Usually it’s not slippery, but then he slipped. and ended up on this sloping roof. Lucky that he arrived on a small Jacobin, on the edge of the void, close to a drop of ten meters.” Roofs “we communicate and arrive at the edge of the ramparts: we find ourselves there by jumping over a small railing of one meter”.

This intervention “unusual”, “rare”I will have “bring back the smile” to the firemen. Provided that Panda does not repeat his acrobatics during one of his walks.

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