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The importance given to employment, success and money in life is at the heart of the new creation of the Théâtre de la Dame de Coeur, Victor and the Gift of Dreams. Like the protagonist of the play, do you sometimes say to yourself, “I’m just working”? The invitation to slow down launched by this huge puppet show should call out to you.

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Veronique Laroque

Veronique Laroque

The chirping of birds, the murmur of the river, the fresh air of the countryside: all these elements surrounding the audience at the Théâtre de la Dame de Coeur call for tranquility. “This show is very exciting,” says director Richard Blackburn. So much so that as soon as you arrive at this charming place located in the village of Upton, even before the show begins, you will experience a less unbridled life that Victor and the Gift of Dreams.


During the segment, ultraviolet lamps are used.

During his 25e Anniversary Victor, an ambitious young employee, vows to “succeed”. Whoever believes that work and money will take him far in life is advised by a careerist and a predatory rodent.

The theme used is a hamster running around in our head that sometimes makes us make ridiculous choices that make us slip.

Richard Blackburn, director


Victor is advised by a predatory hamster.

Mr. Blackburn explains that the inspiration for the piece comes from a book. pensive hamsterfrom DR Serge Marquez.

“To explore this idea, we decided to use a dream,” continues the one who is also artistic director and CEO of the Théâtre de la Dame de Coeur. “In a dream, storytelling can be really free. We follow the evolution of our protagonist in a very unusual, very eccentric way, in an all-out scenographic explosion. »

Tall Victor, an imposing large-sized puppet, slumbers for most of the show. This is a much smaller Victor, the one from the dreams we follow through the huge castle 180 degrees. Alternately, he interacts with a stingy hamster, as well as with his children’s piggy bank, a giant tightrope walker, a snail made from slippers, and even with a spoon-shaped alien. “Very unusual, very strange. Richard Blackburn said well.


A fight of turkeys in front of a big sleeping Victor

For kids ?

In this restless daydreamer’s dreams, the grandmother character makes Victor rethink his priorities. “It’s nice to work, but you have to think about everything else”, “retired or not, it’s always good to slow down” and “take your time and waste time” are some of the wise words signed by Marilyn. Perrault that the grandmother has for her grandson and, accordingly, for the public.

“This theme will be closer for adults,” says Richard Blackburn.

Will the kids like the show? After seeing many young faces in awe at the end of the play, we conclude that yes. However, they will not necessarily understand the same thing that adults have said. Press director before the performance.


Huge cake for Victor’s birthday

The check was made on two girls of 7 and 8 years old, with whom we visited the performance: he was right. Where adults see a metaphor between a hamster and anxiety, they only see it as a funny animal. When we say that Victor is 25 years old, they think that he is a child, especially since he is smaller than his grandmother. Moreover, this granny cake character was very much liked by little girls.

But apart from the history, the scenography in this open-air theatre, consisting of 500 revolving seats, impresses above all.

One of the advantages of theater is the ability to exist in real time around the audience, through the audience and above the audience.

Richard Blackburn


funny alien

He and his team are always looking for explosive ways to use all of these dimensions. A hot air balloon and a flying saucer hovering in the air, a turkey brawl in the crowd, or a giant snail stopping inches from the audience are examples of how diverse and exciting the theater experience is at Upton.

For the first time since the creation of the theater 46 years ago, some elements even emerge from the ground. “We rebuilt the platform where the public is, but with a basement,” explains Richard Blackburn. In his eyes, this novelty opens the door to many possibilities.

Victor and the Gift of Dreams presented until 21 August at the Théâtre de la Dame de Cœur.

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