To travel without leaving your couch, take the best movie trains

This train arrival at La Chota station, filmed by Louis Lumiere in 1895, is one of the very first shots of cinema and outlines what would become the seventh art. The most expensive scene in silent film history is also the train crash scene in General Buster Keaton, 1926 filmed in one take with a real locomotive The first proof, if necessary, is that the train is inseparable from the movie.

We’ve seen stations all over the world on the big screen, whether they’re crowded or deserted, whether the characters run there or, more often than not, end up there. Thus, the station, the intersection, is the lofty sentimental place in the cinema, whether it be the scene of heartbreaking farewells, as in Cherbourg umbrellas as well as Call me by your name or passionate reunions, as in Man and woman as well as A party.

But even there you can kill, as in Incorruptible Where Nikitaor even dance there as in Slumdog Millionaire Where Sex with friends. Sometimes the station can even transform the film, as in Chance Krzysztof Kieślowski, where the main character sees how his fate changes depending on the train that he misses or manages.

The train journey that promotes passengers’ dreams is also very cinematic. With the summer holidays approaching, we wanted to classify, subjectively, the best movie scenes on the train. Whether the action takes place entirely on rails or the journey is temporary, here are the ones that shocked us or made us laugh, travel or dream. Beware of the automatic closing of the doors, watch out for the departure!

water train Spirited Away

A journey within a journey, the one-way train to the bottom of the lake station carried by little Chihiro is the most poetic of all film trains. Accompanied by a hamster, a fly and Yubaba’s Faceless Witch victim, surrounded by ghostly, sad and absent workers, but lulled by Joe Hisaishi’s piano, she seems to fly over the sea, and landscapes worthy of a romantic picture float by. .

Inside this van, the object of our daily lives, the story finds a bit of realism, and it is on this train without a possible return, which she took alone, that Chihiro’s journey ends. She grew up and, contemplating, fixes the horizon, a symbol of the future. In this famous train scene, Hayao Miyazaki offers the viewer a moment of subtle poetry that calms the lively rhythm of his story and freezes time for three minutes of pure melancholy.

Noisy train. our happy days

A pillar of French comedy, the second film of the duo of Toledano and Nakache opens at Gare Montparnasse in Paris. In a railroad episode of pure pleasure, the directors laid the groundwork for their story. In turn, the small and large protagonists of the film are presented to us, and it is through this old Intercity that their main personality traits are sketched, on which the comedy of the film will be built. Excited parents, overexcited kids, and stunned entertainers, we’re already laughing a lot.

Recalling their memories of filming into our microphone, Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache said that in cinema, “Trains, children and animals are the hardest to shoot”. AT our happy daysto our delight, they ticked two of the three.

romantic train Before dawn

The train journey to Vienna will be the scene of love at first sight between Celine and Jesse in the first installment of this real-time romance trilogy that is as precious as it is timeless. A supposed ephemeral romantic encounter that gave pride of place to words in dialogues about life, death and love, sometimes profound, often innocent, written by Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke in their prime of twenties.

Before the trilogy: a memory of a trip in good company

The first part of this river movie was filmed day by day and in chronological order, with each weekend set aside to work on the next week’s script. In the end, twenty-five days, a $2.5 million budget, and many round trips between Vienna and Salzburg will be enough to bank this work of youth, dedicated to the ideals and issues specific to this particular period.

sleeper train Coupe No. 6

“It’s not where you go when you run away that matters, but where you leave from.” While meditating on this quote and to the sound of Desireless’ “Voyage voyage”, Laura, a young Finnish girl, will board a train bound for the Murmansk region in Russia to embark on an icy journey. The journey in the company of his car mate, a young man prone to alcohol and questionable hygiene, promises to be long and uncomfortable. But as they travel, their relationship calms down and goes where they are not expected.

5 reasons to sit in compartment 6

From Moscow to St. Petersburg, from their discussions to one-on-one dinners in a car bar more charming than our Ouigos, the exchanges between these opposition protagonists show how travel opens our minds. . Even aboard a very small krakr bay, dreamers will find their mark.

Colorful train fromOn board Darjeeling Limited

Certainly not the best of Wes Anderson, but new disjointed family intrigue after the hotel Tenenbaum family and boat water life, where travel and change of scenery are also on the agenda. With all due respect to the director’s known meticulousness, the train that meets the lost Whitman siblings on a spiritual quest is a real reconstructed train that, for filming purposes, traveled mostly through the Rajasthan desert, with the exception of studio shooting, despite all the logistical difficulties inherent in such an exercise.

From a train that combines Indian style with the luxury of the Orient Express, where everything is handcrafted in the purest Indian tradition, to the luggage of three brothers designed by Marc Jacobs, traveling aboard the Darjeeling Limited straight out of Wes Anderson’s overflowing imagination is a feast for the eyes.

The list of legendary movie trains can be continued indefinitely – from Hogwarts Express to Express Polefrom Through the snow to Last train to Busan metaphorical train Death on the heels ingeniously filmed by one ofInvulnerable -, but we also have a train to catch!

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