Tian Bao, the eldest of the giant pandas, stays for another year at Piri Daiza.

Piri Daiza concluded deal allowing the eldest giant panda was born in Belgium from stay in 2022 in Garden of the Worlds. However, due to the epidemic situation two parts also go take the necessary measures to transport TianBao to China this year.

panda twins, Bao Di as well as bao mei, also born in Cambronne, are going move to new territory together who will be specially built for them. separation of twins and some mom panda should allow re-attempt to procreate in as part of a conservation program for this vulnerable species.

Lord Wu Minglu (General Secretary of China Wildlife Conservation Association – CWCA) as well as Eric Domb (Chairman and Founder of Pairi Daiza)have signed an agreement permissive TianBao in stay another year in Piri Daiza. As a reminder convention which governs the presence of pandas in Belgium provides that children born in the park will return to China at the age of 4. in leaving for China Tian Bao, the first baby giant panda was born in the garden in June 02, 2016 was originally scheduled for 2020. COVID-19 pandemic forced two parties to revise the schedule. BUT agreement can be reached and he confirms that TianBao pass it sixth birthday in Belgium.

Video credit: © Pairi Daiza

CVCA this is national non-profit organization who has for preservation of the main mission and sustainable development of China’s wildlife. By scientific projects, belonging academic Research, belonging educational activities as well as the international cooperation, this works in particular on giant panda rescue. it with CVCA what Piri Daiza It has signed in 2013 agreement to welcome xinghui as well as hao hao, in a pair of giant pandas who since then gave Belgium three adorable babies. In collaboration with CVKA, Piri Daiza and his Foundation have funded research projects by Dr. Jella Wouters. (Endocrinologist at Ghent University) related to reproduction and Giant panda pregnancy. We remind you female pandas not fertile only one to three days a year. in giant panda is classified as “vulnerable” species on International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

New territory for Bao Di and Bao Mei this summer
in August 08, 2019 hao hao gave the birth of two adorable babies named after a hundred days Bao Mei as well as Bao Di. Unique feature in Europe as well as very rare all over the world, in brothers and sisters made of men as well as women. Until we find usually of the same sex in a litter.

Because the the twins grew up well under close scrutiny as well as their mother’s love. They became from real villains who holds us surprise according to them games and them antics. Bao Di as well as bao mei, reached maturity and weight (90 kg) which allow them stand on two legs. How does it happen in environment where, at this moment, panda is looking for his territory, them twins it should be separated from their mother. giant pandas there is strong territorial instinct as well as enjoy being alone.

Photo: © Pairi Daiza

teams from Piri Daiza prepare suitable territory wherein twins take their marks this summer.

Giant panda cub in 2023?
conservation efforts led for 30 years over there China, his partners and university programs are bearing fruit. Over 1800 giant pandas live today in wild (against 1200 in the 80s). breeding in zoos participate in preservation of the species. Thanks to environmental action companies around the world, thirteen giant pandas already been returned to their natural environment.

Become parents this is a particularly difficult route for giant pandas. females are fertile only one to three days a year. And them heat only begin when their young have flown away. Moreover, because of their almost complete lack of libido and them lonely instinct, in natural convergence Between the male as well as feminine is not very fruitful.

It seems that next year all the elements are in place thus veterinarians from Piri Daiza as well as Chinese experts May restart the reproduction program.

Tim Bouts, zoologist, director of Pairi Daiza: “Reproducing giant pandas, even with help, is a huge problem. When Hao Hao is ready, we will try to help her become a mother again. This very difficult step is definitely one of the most important tasks for our team.”

Meanwhile, visitors Garden of the Worlds will be able to observe Hao Hao, Xing Hui, Tian Bao, Bao Di as well as Bao Mei youthroughout the 2022 season. in The park will open on February 12, 2022. during 11 months continuously (closed 08 January 2023).

Video Credit: © JF Lange – Pairi Daiza

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