This book about a gay bunny trolls an American vice president and becomes the #1 selling book on Amazon.

YouTube Screenshot – Worst YouTube Channel Co-authored with John Oliver,

YouTube Screenshot – Worst YouTube Channel

TROLL – Adults should open children’s books more often. In one of them, called “A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo” (“One day in the life of Marlon Bundo”), American talk show host John Oliver and his team “Last Week Tonight” treat US Vice President Mike Pence. By parodying his daughter’s book, released on March 19, the authors attack the very conservative position of the second American leader in the LGBT community.

I must say that after the election of Donald Trump in January 2017, like almost all late show hosts, John Oliver always responds to the ridicule of the White House. So when the vice president himself holds out the pole to him, he can’t help but grab it.

On March 14, Mike Pence announced that his daughter Charlotte had just finished Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Life of a Vice President, a children’s book inspired by his bunny named Marlon Bundo, as a perfect nod to the A Streetcar Named Desire actor. The story tells through the eyes of the Pences what the life of a vice president is like. The perfect opportunity for John Oliver to take control of the story… in his own way.

In his pastiche, aired live this Sunday, March 18, the star-studded HBO host re-enacts a gay bunny. Leporides meets a relative of the same sex, with whom he decides to marry. A sentimental adventure experienced by a conservative beetle, to the tunes of Mike Pence, who drums into everyone that “rabbits should marry rabbits.”

A parody that openly condemns how number two in the US government treats the LGBT community. Spotted in 2015 when he signed into law as governor of Indiana a law allowing companies to discriminate against their LGBT customers, Mike Pence is one of the most religious politicians to ever enter the White House. About the one who considers “homosexuality a sin”, New Yorker recalled in October the words of Donald Trump about the position of his colleague in relation to homosexuals: “You should not talk to him about this, he wants to hang them all!”.

Behind the humor is actually a noble initiative on the part of John Oliver and his team. All profits from the sale of this fun and educational book will be donated to associations such as The Trevor Project and United AIDS that fight for the rights of gay people. Distributed to the public on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the books fetched almost $4,000.

Since its publication, John Oliver’s book, co-written with one of his show’s feathers, Jill Twiss, and illustrated by E. G. Keller, has become the best-selling children’s book on Amazon. The book, also available in audio version, features the voices of many celebrities such as RuPaul, Jim Parsons or Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Crushed in terms of sales, the Pence family seems to have embraced this rabbit fight without batting an eyelid. A photo posted to Marlon Bundo’s official Instagram account shows a bunny wearing a colorful bow tie, reminiscent of his gay alter ego from a rival book.

“I won’t lie, I look really cute in a bow tie. The only things better than a book about rabbits going to charity are… TWO books about rabbits going to charity.”

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