The opposition demands explanations from Macron about his ties with

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The opposition is demanding an explanation from Macron for his ties to Uber. I also need clarification…

Demonstration of taxi drivers in Paris on January 26, 2016, protesting against Uber among others (AFP/Archive/Erik Feferberg)

The opposition on the left and the RN as well as the CGT raised their voices on Monday after the press exposed the favored exchanges between Uber and Emmanuel Macron while he was in Bercy, now calling the president for an explanation.

LFI deputy Alexis Corbière is already considering setting up a parliamentary commission of inquiry, while RN is asking for a “resale right” from a previous commission in the Alstom case following information from The Uber Files, an investigation based on thousands of internal Uber documents sent by an anonymous source to the British daily newspaper The Guardian and shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and 42 media partners.

In this context, Le Monde was interested in the links between American society and Emmanuel Macron when he was Minister of the Economy (2014-2016). The newspaper concludes that there is a secret “deal” between Uber and Emmanuel Macron in Bercy.

“This is very serious, the idea that Mr. Macron, in this secret agreement with the company, deregulated the rules on taxis,” the Saint-Saint-Denis MP accused.

“I have a certain notion of a republic that means that the president or anyone else who wants to be president cannot be a lobbyist in the service of private interests and a North American company,” Mr. Corbière continued.

Taxi demonstration in Paris on January 26, 2016, protesting against Uber among others.

Taxi demonstration in Paris on January 26, 2016, protesting against Uber among others (AFP/Archives/KENZO TRIBOUILLARD)

“What lessons can be learned from this? Obviously, ask the question when it will be possible to apply to the government, including the investigative commission, ”he suggested.

“Given the scale of the case, this could disrupt our planned schedule, it requires a political discussion,” Mr. Corbière said. The LFI group in the Assembly originally intended to use its drawing rights for an inflation inquiry panel.

-“Uber Scandal”-

According to him, “this is the least” that the president says about these revelations, and “if he does not, we are in the presidential irresponsibility of the Fifth Republic.”

RN MP Sebastien Chenu denounced at a press conference “the first scandal in Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term, the Uber scandal.”

According to his colleague Jean-Philippe Tanguy, the RN elected are asking for “resale rights” in the Alstom case, which was the subject of a parliamentary commission of inquiry chaired by Olivier Marlet (LR), the latter taking possession of righteousness in 2019. .

They are “not opposed” to the Uber investigation panel, but Mr. Tanguy said “it probably doesn’t make much sense to revamp the investigation commission, since the main elements of the investigative investigation and testimony were made by the Marlet commission since 2017. and 2018″.

“The fact-finding mission could highlight these elements and update them,” added Mr. Tanguy.

– “Without consideration” –

“The minimum is that he explains what he did and how he contributed not only to Uber being created in France, but also, thanks to a law called the Macron law, untangled part of the labor code to promote this type of activity, and in in particular, the social impact on employees,” said CGT Secretary General Philippe Martinez.

“It’s nothing new that Uber is currently following the logic of lobbying for deregulation, making money, with little regard for what exists in terms of the law in countries, and especially in terms of the rights of concerned workers,” relative on the other hand. hand over to CFDT boss Laurent Berger.

For the communist Fabien Roussel, Emmanuel Macron “chooses the business world, these transnational corporations, instead of thinking about protecting the French, about protecting labor.”

The boss of the LREM deputies, Aurora Bergé, brushed aside these criticisms, calling it “a great country that is offended by the fact that the minister of the economy, quite publicly, receives business leaders in a debate that was a parliamentary debate.”

“There is no deal, there is no consideration, there is a minister who has received great business leaders and that is normal,” she added.

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