The boys may have just explained Black Noir’s scars and why it never healed.

Warning: contains spoilers boys Season 3, episodes 3 and 4.

boys Season 3 Episode 3 “Warbury Shore” finally explains how the mysterious Black Noir of the Seven got his scars, but Episode 4 may provide insight into why they never healed. “Barbarian Shore” also reveals more about Black Noir’s personality. For most of the series, the character remained in the shadows both literally and figuratively, although he played an important role in the history of the Seven. Episodes 3 and 4 answer a lot of speculation about the nature and nature of his disfigurement.

Since the beginning of the series, Black Noir has been one of the most intriguing characters. boys was careful with his development, slowly revealing various aspects of the character. It was revealed in the second season that he is black, played by Nathan Mitchell. Season 3 explores this in more detail, revealing that the young Black Noir wanted to be exposed, but that didn’t fit with Vought’s marketing plans for him. Episode 3 introduces a team led by the Soldier’s Reckoning, the predecessor of the Seven and the current target of the Butcher and his team. A flashback scene shows the Super Team being brought to Nicaragua to help Contra rebels fight off Russian soldiers. Mission failures are the reason Vought is wary of using soups in military conflicts, and the reason for Black Noir’s current physical condition.

The day after surgery in Nicaragua, Black Noir was found to have burned half of his face and a damaged left eye. The attack also rendered him unable to speak, which explains why the character never speaks in the current timeline. What’s weird about Wounds is that Black Noir, one of Vought’s best heroes, has a noticeable healing factor that didn’t work after the attack. A possible explanation for this probably has to do with what happened to Kimiko at the end boys season 3 episode 4. In Russia, the Butcher and his team stumble upon a missing Soldier who attacks them and injures Kimiko with some kind of radioactive explosion. Kimiko, who survived a headshot earlier in the episode, does not recover from the attack. It is likely that whatever this power was, it also prevented Black Noir from healing almost 40 years ago.

The attack that destroyed the Reckoning Squad and changed Black Noir forever is not fully shown on screen, but is hinted at in dialogue between Grace Mallory and the Crimson Countess. The Crimson Countess claims to have seen the Russians kill the Boy Soldier with some sort of weapon and take his body. Part of his story is at least partially true, the boys found the Soldier Boy in Russia itself. The origin of Soldier Boy’s new radioactive abilities is unknown, but it appears he did not possess these abilities prior to his capture. After testing the weapon on the Payback team in Nicaragua, the Russians may have implanted it into the Soldier to make it a powerful weapon. They don’t seem to mind experimenting, which is shown when the group also stumbles upon a hamster named Jamie.

This new radioactive power adds new wrinkles to Boys. It doesn’t look like the Soldier Boy could fully control this new power, but he certainly posed a huge threat. While the explosion itself may not be enough to kill Homelander, it can render him helpless and open to a fatal blow. If this newly used energy was enough to permanently harm Black Noir, one of the strongest members of the Seven, then the other superheroes must be on high alert.

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