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If you are a gamer old school while the pixels are from the 16-bit era, this test’s head image must have hit your nerves. It is clear that pom pom, developed TOMO CAMP and edited PID games a reminder of the aesthetics of games released on SEGA Megadrive or Super Nintendo. If the graphics have already been viewed a thousand times, pom pom draws its originality from a very specific gameplay. If you’re interested, we invite you to follow this adorable hamster throughout the test, which is being run on PC using the Steam code.

The script is completely forbidden

Pompom The Great Space Rescue reviewScreenwriters Pompom Big Space Rescue I didn’t think much about the script. The feeling of playing a platform game from the 90s is all the more significant.
Unless we have missed some hidden message, the story can be summarized in a few sentences. Instead, the judge:

pom pom this is a peaceful hamster who lives quietly in his small cage, and in his spare time he spins a cart and nibbles on carrots. But one day everything changes. Indeed, on a peaceful sunny day, pirate cats appear out of nowhere and land in Pompom and his owner Toshi’s room! Robbers have come to kidnap the boy to make their foam!
The ugly felines run with their frightened, crying human screaming for help towards their furry friend. Our kawaii creature is in a deep mess!

But we don’t kidnap the master pom pom also easy. Our valiant creature breaks out of the cage and hurries to free her friend… She intends to free the one who never stopped feeding him and free him from the cat’s claws.
However, there will be many pitfalls on the way of our brave rodent from the Cricetidae family. Indeed, the protagonist of this adventure tends to act like lemmings from psychonosis released in 1999… which prepared a special gameplay experience for us.

Original gameplay

Pompom The Great Space Rescue reviewUnder the guise of a classic platformer is actually a game of thought and speed, where timing is the key to success. Actually, like lemmings, developed DMA design, pom pom just foolishly progressing through the level. When he comes to the edge of the abyss, he jumps. Whatever awaits him upon arrival, like a suicide bomber, pom pom literally jumping into the void. And it is YOU who must save the creature so that it reaches the end of the level.

In general, the creature picks up various objects on its way (platform block, trampoline, umbrella, cannons, etc.) and therefore it will be necessary to place them wisely in order to avoid game over.
To help you with your reflections, you can pause time by pressing the space bar. However, this stop is temporary and you will have to wait a certain amount of time before you can use it again. Therefore, it will be necessary to deal with this sensor, which is located at the top of the screen, and not mix the brushes.
Likewise, the number of returned items is often limited, and therefore it is necessary to take into account their quantity and especially their specificity. To do this, the wheel is used to easily move from one element to another.

Thus, the name somehow reminds us of a great YOshi Touch & Go went out to Nintendo-DS. Even in spite of pom pom much less access” stock ” and much more ” reflection However, the two names have a lot in common. Not to mention all the homage to the great games of the 90s era. Super Mario Bros 3, Super Castlevania, Donkey Kong, PC Kidetc…

Variety of notable situations

Pompom The Great Space Rescue reviewpom pom Big space rescue is not limited to offering you items that need to be correctly placed along the route. Indeed, the variety of scenery you pass through forces you to directly interact with the objects or creatures in the scenery. So feel free to tickle the fish to make them jump out of the water, use the mechanisms to move the platforms, or turn off the electricity! Therefore, the situations are original and varied. In addition, the levels are very rarely the same. Likewise, items are not limited to blocks, so you can get a whip, water drops, an alarm clock that allows you to pom pom stop, guns, etc.

Some levels are completely crazy, like the one where our friendly creature is in a wagon, and you have to pull the rails yourself. What to rage and remember donkey kong country. Not to mention crazy levels, where, for example, you need to hold a lamp to scare away ghosts, and at the same time build a course for pom pom ! in Level design is exemplary and constantly updated!

In the same way, diversity is present at the crossed levels. You will cross city construction sites, visit a heavenly beach and impenetrable forests. You will also dive into the inhospitable depths of ancient temples and eventually find yourself in outer space.
In addition to material dangers, such as coconuts, sharp points and other abysses, there are also enemies such as kamikaze starfish, experienced mustachioed workers, such evil pygmies or an angry swarm of bees. Sometimes you will have to jump on them, but lava can be your worst enemy.

Finally, if you want to save your master Hoshi you’ll also have to fight bosses… Indeed, each of the 7 worlds is inhabited by a ruthless feline leader that you’ll have to defeat if you want to make Big boss and witness the end of this sweet story. Like a mustachioed plumber, they only need a few jumps on their heads to be covered in dust. Except that when there is no jump key, it’s a bit more difficult… Timing is of the essence, and here too, originality is a rendezvous.


To conclude, pom pom with his little lookHamtaro from Ritsuko Kawaii sure to delight game lovers old school the original is all in pixels. Offering many references and innovative gameplay, the title Camp Tomo honest entertainment. Admittedly, some passages run the risk of discouraging those with allergies, dying and trying again. Even on easy, with a larger timeline and more lives, some playthroughs are tense and even frustrating. Thus, collecting all the coins of all levels is a real dizzying task. For the most hardcore gamers. The average player will be happy to live their adventure at their own pace without too much hassle. The levels are quite short and the checkpoints are numerous enough not to get discouraged.

Thus, the adventures of Pompom in many ways deserve to be stopped by us. Especially for 15€. Playing it with a mouse-keyboard is a pleasure. We didn’t expect much from this game and were pleasantly surprised in the end. Try it take it! Because under its classic look and what has already been seen lies a truly innovative name.

pom pom

Pompom The Great Space Rescue review


  • Original gameplay
  • Various situations
  • A full pixel game worthy of the 16-bit 90s.
  • Mini price, maximum fun
  • Image smoothing and SNES filter overlay (cathode rendering type)


  • Asks for minimum requirements
  • Some disappointing passages
  • short hair

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