Taming a hamster: how to do it?

The hamster is a small rodent that is easy to breed for young and old alike. These small animals, with an average lifespan of three years, are usually unsociable when adopted due to their fear of humans. But over time, they know how to be gentle and affectionate. However, to help them gain confidence and allow themselves to be tamed, a real relationship can be established if you do it well. Here are our tips and steps to follow to tame your hamster.

Step 1: Start by Domesticating Your Hamster in a Cage

When you adopt a hamster, it is important to give him time to get used to his new environment. Imagine that this small animal is suddenly uprooted, separated from its fellows, cut off from the smells to which it is accustomed and from the environment in which it lived. Therefore, when you arrive, immediately place him in his cage, which you have prepared in advance so as not to disturb him or stress him by leaving him alone outside the container. Place his cage in a quiet place and give him marks without disturbing him.

Two or three days after you have adopted your hamster, go to his cage and talk to him in a low voice so that he gets used to you. Put your hands on the cage so he can smell you without risking biting you. Repeat these gestures every day several times.

Then try feeding him by hand. Let him approach by offering him the seeds in your hand and if he accepts, pet him gently at the same time.

Step 2: Start by Taming Your Caged Hamster

When your hamster trusts you enough to be petted in the cage, secure the space around him and open him up. Let him come out when he wants, without forcing him, so as not to strain. If he comes out slowly, tempt him with a treat.

In the same way, let him come to feed you in your hand and pet him gently.

This step should be done especially in the evening when your hamster is most awake. Be sure to systematically observe the cycles of this little nocturnal animal and especially its great need for rest.

Step 3: Pick up your hamster

It’s normal to want to hold your hamster, but it’s a very stressful time for him. Indeed, if you grab him in a cage, he will perceive this as a violation of his territory and may fight to the point that he hurts himself, tries to bite you or screams.

When he trusts you so much that he allows you to get close to him and feed in your hands, you can try to gently grab him. To do this, grab the animal with both hands so that it is comfortable for him to hold it. Lift it up carefully. If this operation is delicate, repeat it for several days until the hamster gets used to it and begins to tolerate it.

Practice this method regularly so that your pet gets used to it and maintains self-confidence. You can pet it gently at the same time.

On the other hand, if your hamster doesn’t want to be caught, never force him. If he bares his teeth, screams, or rolls over, don’t insist. Finally, if he is sleeping, don’t touch him, let alone wake him up. A hamster may bite if it hurts or if it is afraid. Once tamed, it shouldn’t bite you except in these two situations, so it’s important to always respect it.

Also, you can’t expect more from your pet. Your hamster may be petted and carried, recognizing your scent and voice, even reacting positively to your gestures of affection, but he has a great need for independence, which must be respected.

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