Taito Milestones brings together a library of 80s slot machines

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Fantasy mini arcade game Egret II is a little rich in your blood? Luckily, there are easier ways to play the Taito classic. East Milestones of Taito, released this week on Nintendo Switch, for you? We are here to help you decide.

What games are included?

Milestones of Taito combines ten games from the first slot machines of the company: Cix, space finder, Skiing, Front line, Wild West, Chuck’n Pop, elevator action, History of fairyland, Halley’s cometand ninja warriors.

in Milestones of Taito games “run by Arcade Archives”, which makes sense! The tireless Hamster team has already released eight of these games on the online store, so why reinvent the wheel? Two exclusive collections space finder and Chuck’n Pop.

Hamster’s approach to emulation… good? It’s not M2 level, but the company’s work supported them, as the console standards for these things were much lower. If you’re after precision or especially crisp visuals, this might not be what you’re looking for. However, most players will be more than fine.

How are they playing in 2022?

The Taito of that era, like its peers, heavily focused on arcade score-chasing games. Throughout this collection, the motivation to keep playing is skill. Nothing reaches here Glove neither the era of coin consumption, nor the era street fighter 2 and puyo puyo high-octane anti-gambling phase.

The Arcade Archives system allows you to make many display settings, including vertical mode configuration. (I’m sure Flip Grip owners are thrilled about this.) Display sizes and shapes were everywhere at the time, so the imprecise approach to scaling a collection provides flexibility. strange games like ninja warriors with its three-screen setup? They merge here.

Among the ten games of the collection Cix feels most timeless. The pack is full of nostalgic gameplay time capsules! And there is value in that. But while some news made on Cix formulas have appeared over the years, none of the commands or the format of this original one has become obsolete or obsolete.

For most of the pack, some very early gameplay ideas are appealing. They are in rougher wrapping, but you can see some of the signature styles that would later make Taito a success. For example, History of fairyland lays the foundations bubble floatand you can see that the developers got it wrong – and well – in the previous attempt.

What is the highlight of the collection?

That’s the question, isn’t it? After all, without any add-ons and almost every game available for a long time individually with the same emulation and features, this is not the most reliable value proposition. Presently? Two exclusives give it some special elements. But since then Cix just saw the standalone release, the other two are probably coming soon. The “Additional Content” here is the menu screen you can see above. That’s all!

So Milestones of Taito? This is a bulk discount. If you want all ten games, you can get them for half the price. (You know, until you wanted it before and already bought it.) It’s not flashy, but we assume it’s a good reason to exist. Our nostalgia for Taito has more to do with the company’s 90s production than previous efforts. However, for the target audience, this value proposition may be easier to sell.

Milestones of Taito Releases April 15, 2022 on Nintendo Switch for $39.99. It will be available both online and as a physical cartridge.

This article is automatically translated from the original language into your language. Feel free to let us know if it contains translation errors so we can fix them as soon as possible.

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