Support farms, take care of homeless animals… Six ideas for how to act in favor of animals

♦ Dealing with rejection

Every year 100,000 animals are abandoned, and 60,000 of them are in the summer. To combat this scourge, the 30 Million Friends Foundation launched the Holidays with Friends platform. Goal: To help everyone get away with their cat, dog, rabbit, hamster, etc., thanks to tips tailored to the species, location and means of transport chosen. The map also lists 36,000 accommodations.Pets allowed”, for accommodation, as well as a map of beaches allowed for animals. Finally, for people who are traveling without their pets, you can find a list of boarding houses that you can trust with your pet during your stay.

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♦ Get on the train in good company

How to transport animals collected by associations and then transferred to shelters or families? By train, the Les Anges du rail team, created by the railway workers, is responsible, which since 2020 organizes these transportations thanks to volunteers.

Are you traveling from Paris to Lyon? From Toulouse to Strasbourg? By posting an ad, the association platform connects you with a structure that wants to take a dog or cat with them to the same city. Thus, over the past two years, more than 2,000 animals have been transported to France, Belgium and Germany. Attention, the volunteer pays for his ticket!

♦ Multiply farms in the city

Petting a sheep, discovering freshly laid eggs… A rare experience for young city dwellers. Hence the idea of ​​the Adrienne-et-Pierre Sommer Foundation to support the development of educational farms throughout France in order to keep the connection between pets and citizens. How ? Through a call for projects in partnership with the magazine Messenger of the Communes, which is for associations or communities looking to get started, or for existing farms that would like to develop. Ten donations of 10,000 euros are up for grabs. The program concerns municipalities with a population of more than 10,000 people.

♦ Identify hedgehogs

It weighs from 400 to 1800 grams, lives mainly at night, it is a large insectivore: a hedgehog! A small mammal essential to the normal functioning of our ecosystem, but endangered in France, although it has been protected since 1981.

To remedy this, the association France Nature Environment (FNE) is launching a massive census operation to better understand the species and determine where they live. Do you want to take part? There is nothing easier: keep your eyes peeled, take a picture of a hedgehog and publish your observations on the association’s website. An initiative available to everyone to help save this vulnerable species.

♦ Don’t give in to whims

You must have come across Australian Shepherds, these light-eyed tricolor dogs. Normal: This is the favorite breed of the French, according to the numbers in the national i-cad (domestic predator identification) file. But beware of fashion effects. First, because the animal is not a pair of trainers. And because these quirks tend to have a perverse effect on the breed, leading to overproduction. In this case, animals are subjected to less selection, which favors hereditary defects (diseases, behavioral problems, etc.). Before Australian Shepherds, there were Cockers (effect Lady and the Tramp), collie (thanks Lassie)… But who wants everyone’s dog?

♦ Caring for friends of the homeless

Homeless people often have very strong relationships with their animals. But when you’re outside, it’s not always easy to take care of a dog or cat… That’s why the Gamelles Pleins association provides valuable support to the homeless by offering them various services they don’t need. break up with him.

Example: Its volunteers keep the dogs of people who want to get to a shelter where animals are not allowed, or in case of hospitalization. And thus, to prevent the homeless from refusing treatment, so as not to abandon their animals. The association also provides vaccines, neutering and animal identification. It operates in 13 cities in France. Since its inception in 2008, its volunteers have helped 1,725 ​​people and 2,400 animals.


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