SPCA: Help us find a home for these cute bunnies

Every week, the Salut Bonjour team talks about adorable animals rescued by the Montreal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). These adorable little animals have one thing in common: they are looking for a family that can provide them with appropriate care and offer love at will.

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For over 150 years, the SPCA’s mission has been to protect animals from neglect, abuse and exploitation, to represent their interests and ensure their well-being, and to raise public awareness and sensitivity to them.

On average, cats have to wait 9 days and dogs 16 days before being welcomed by a new family. If the vast majority of them quickly find a home, then this is not the case for everyone. Some, due to their age, race or temperament, are forced to stay longer.

SPCA makes no distinction: in addition to tetrapods, birds, rats, turtles or rodents get into it. This week the organization is looking for a family for these two little three-month-old rats.

Here are four Salut Bonjour favorites:

Are you looking for a little companion or even two new friends? Give your pet a second chance by choosing a shelter. Many rabbits are currently at the Montreal Animal Welfare Center awaiting a family.

Mother and her “rabbit”

Rosalie and her two-month-old baby Susie have just arrived at the Montreal Animal Welfare Center and are looking for a loving family to adopt together. Once comfortable in the new environment, our two rabbits will quickly bond with their humans and set off to explore their new nest!

two small hearts

Curiously, pink-eyed bunnies are more likely to spend more time in shelters than others … And they are just as cute as their brothers and sisters with brown or blue eyes! Kasper, a handsome 2-year-old boy, and Sophia, a cute 1-year-old girl, come from the same place, but since they lived in different enclosures, they don’t really know each other and don’t have to be adopted. together. A determined family might welcome the couple, but will have to plan for a good adjustment period before the two rabbits agree to mingle. These two little hearts, shy at first, will easily allow themselves to be tamed with patience and gentleness. Soon they will be interested in everything that their environment has to offer!

About rabbits

Rabbits are adorable little furry creatures, but they are still misunderstood. Therefore, it is important to learn a little more about them before adopting.

  • Rabbits are active and need a lot of space to move around and stretch their legs. They need at least 4 hours of freedom per day in a safe place (electrical wires out of reach). Ideally, rabbits live freely in the house, like a cat, or in a room equipped for them.
  • The life expectancy of rabbits exceeds 10 years;
  • Too many carrots can be bad for rabbits because they are so sweet;
  • Spayed rabbits can learn to use the litter box;
  • As a rule, large rabbits are quieter;
  • They need enrichment in order to prosper mentally and physically;
  • A few of the bins you usually recycle can be fun and stimulating toys for your little friend. Who would have thought that a toilet paper roll could be so much fun!

Acceptance to SPCA

If you’re interested in a rabbit or two, you don’t need to call the SPCA; Instead, fill out the adoption form available on the Montreal SPCA website. However, before submitting the form, be sure to check if the profile of the desired rabbit is on the adoption page, which is updated in real time.

Please note that the SPCA is currently receiving a very high volume of adoption requests and that they are being processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Unfortunately, SPCA will not be able to respond to all inquiries received.

We also invite you to see the files of other rabbits waiting for a family.

Hope you find your companion soon, thanks for choosing to adopt!

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