– So, no one cares that the chairman of the party considers himself a pimp? (chronic)

In Flanders, the “case” made a splash: Conner Rousseau, president of Vooruit, took part in the program in March. The Masked Singer. Where he sang dressed as a rabbit… a bad boy. Accompanied by two short-dressed rabbits with a carrot pendant hanging from the crotch. The hint of pimping was obvious. However, this did not shock anyone.

He wanted show everyone your carrot, Conner Russo. And his beautiful vocal organ. But not the head: this is the principle of the Flemish show The Masked Singer. The personality sings in disguise and people (apparently there are a lot of them) are perplexed “who is this, who is this?” “, until in revelation.

So he was the president of Warwit in rabbit clothes. But not like an Easter beetle. rather version bad rabbit low holes. An upside-down cap (whether we’re young or not) and thick gold chains that glisten, with the addition of this carrot pendant falling right into his crotch. Very subtle, really. But perhaps it is not necessary, considering two of his companions in the promotional photo. Sometimes in a white mini-skirt, high thigh-high boots and a sequined mask (let’s go outside covered up), posing lewdly on the gambling table in the casino, sometimes in a gold bathing suit on the bed, pouring dollars on an enthusiastic rabbit.

From March 18, date in revelation, Flanders is excited like the muzzle of a rodent sniffing a lettuce leaf. Shandal! Should a politician fidget like that? Press a song in the middle of the war in Ukraine and beyond! A little serious. Bart De Wever, at least, tried to campaign on TV thanks to his general culture and not to his hips.

“We always want politicians to be among the people, to justify the person concerned. I am a simple 29-year-old guy who sometimes also wants to do something other than work. » For example, playing with your little carrot, getting covered in fools by two fools. Hey Michto.

But this did not attract anyone, oddly enough. The fact that a politician, in pursuit of fame, exploits the character of a pimp, even if he is all in furs, apparently does not bother. Which? Oh nothing, nothing. Just spreading gender stereotypes in spades. Corrupt girls, always half-naked, at the disposal of a bad boy who caresses their buttocks as if this flesh belongs to him, not to mention hints of threesomes and pornography … Perhaps Raja Mawan, co-president of d’Ecolo (and the only woman in a francophone landscape, taking this (semi-) pose) if she poses surrounded by two handsome guys in sequined underpants, just to compare the reaction.

It also reminds us of this photo of Joel Milke. Even unaccompanied, alone astride a chair in a camel-colored trouser suit. The former president of the CDH had the audacity and shamelessness to pose barefoot for the Flemish press. ***** teaser!, which was what everyone was thinking, even if the media preferred more consensual formulas such as “light Joel” playing “with her charm to seduce Flemish public opinion”. “Of course, I was so moved inEvening, a man or a woman politician is unworthy to play the fool like that. » What would be written if she wore a carrot pendant…?

This was in 2010. To social media and his thousands of selfies, to Georges-Louis Boucher relaxing on the cover of a Flemish magazine (resolutely) with Miss Belgium, to Conner Russo (again) saying, “He’s back, bitches.” Twelve years later, the policy has undoubtedly changed. Not sexist. Nor that no one notices.

Coming soon male pill?

Scientists in Washington DC have developed a male birth control pill that is 99% effective in mice. This is a big improvement over previous attempts, as the drug has been accused of causing too many unwanted side effects (similar to those of women’s pills). By the end of the year, this new non-hormonal treatment could be tested in men. (EG st.)


This is a ten-year increase in the Stib female staff published by La Capitale. In 2013, women made up 9% of the staff. Today they are only 11.2%. “The proportion of women is higher in positions of responsibility,” said Elke Van den Brandt (Groen), Brussels’ mobility minister. They occupy 17.1% of these functions. A real victory… (EG st.)

Taxation of men with housekeeping allergies

The news rocked the Net: Sandrine Rousseau, a former candidate for the environmentalists’ primary in France, launched a “crime for not distributing household chores.” During a Twitch live stream hosted by Madmoizelle at the end of March, she introduced the idea of ​​taxing men who would not take part in the household, since the separation of these tasks had hardly progressed since the 1970s. “If we don’t give women the means to really achieve equity in distribution, we won’t succeed,” she said. (EG st.)

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