Several animals arrived in PAL (Allier), including a male red panda.

The PAL season has ended, but the team in charge of the conservation of the Saint-Pourcin-sur-Besbres animal park continues to work hard to manage the arrival and departure of some of these endangered animals.

Under the EEP (European Endangered Species Programme), there are indeed several animal transfers planned between PAL and European zoos. The goal is to promote the reproduction of each of these species, some of which are in critical situation in their natural environment, and this by avoiding inbreeding thanks to a global database that allows tracking the genetic situation of each animal.

XXL playground and seal education program at PAL in 2022

Several types of antelope

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On November 30, PAL will welcome two young maras (Patagonian hares) from the Paris Zoological Park. On December 6, a large kudu, a large antelope that will arrive from Planet Sauvage (France) and is destined for the plain of lodges; by the end of 2021, a red panda from Flamingo Land Zoo (in the UK). PAL has been participating in the European panda program since 2009. This male, named Hopi, will join the female Naoki, who has so far been the only member of the species already present in the park. Hopi, red panda All rights reserved

A female Rothschild giraffe, three Mrs. Grace Kobe (antelopes from Ethiopia and Sudan) and two species of Cervicapres from Turopak (France) are also expected.

Several trips are also planned. Thus, the harbor seal will go to the UK in the same way as the bush dog (canines of American origin) to Brazil.


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