Return of SDAE Days in June 2022 – Agri 71

After a long hardship due to Covid, the Department of the ex-farmers of Saône-et-Loire was more than happy to meet again in the days of June 2022, decidedly festive and friendly.

The first day was held in Nevi-Granchamp on June 3rd. Frank Royer, one of the operators of Gaec des Champs Perrin, invited a group of 26 people to visit the rabbit farm. Dressed in disposable overalls and galoshes, the guests of the day entered a huge, bright, very clean, spacious and cool building. Each individual mesh cage contained a pregnant female rabbit with a birthing area in front of her. A “social” building for rabbits of very high quality, intended for export, in particular to Switzerland. Feed is automatically distributed over the ravines, and the rabbits can drink by sucking up the water that comes from the top of the cage through a “bottle” tube. Litter falls directly into the corridors under the cages and is cleaned automatically. Rabbits are incredibly white!
At the end of the visit, members of Gaec treated us to an aperitif with delicious buns. “Once again many thanks to the two operators who accompanied us and dedicated their time to answering our many questions”thanked SDAE President Daniel Jaye.
Then, head to Soleil de Chalmoux for a bite to eat before visiting the Nevi-Granchamps Agricultural Museum. A huge building that houses almost all the agricultural machinery that has existed since the development of agriculture. All have been refurbished and are in working order. This is a museum that you must visit!
The second day was dedicated to another form of culture: a dinner show at the Auberge du Lac in Trivi on 16 June. Our group of 41 people were waited, greeted and placed at the table by the artists. The dinner was enlivened by them with a review of the Cabaret led by the Moulin du Lac troupe, all in rhinestones, sequins, feathers. “To impress us! », – the guests were delighted. The dances, the songs, the illusion, the trapeze acrobatics… everything was perfect. These artists bring together “Lots of charm and talent”. At the end of the show, everyone had the opportunity to get acquainted with them and take a photo for memory. You really have to discover this atypical show in Saône et Loire.
Finally, the last day passed under the sign of fun and relaxation. It was at Montpont-en-Bresse that a group of 35 people gathered on June 20 at La Paillotte. It was in this large, sheltered, well-ventilated room with shaded surroundings that the members of the section set up their refrigerators because it was particularly hot that day and shade was needed. After everyone drank an aperitif together, groups formed to share a picnic with friends. The twins then gathered for a petanque competition that promised to be lively. The games were played in the shade of trees and under a thatched hut. Someone preferred to play molki, someone belot or triomino, finally, someone just settled on a deck chair to chat in silence. As expected, one bottle was given to the petanque players, and, unexpectedly, to other participants.
“It was a very good day for repetition,” the participants told us! »Danielle Jaye rejoiced.

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