Reality’s Great Battle: How TF1 Killed ‘Night of Heroes’… and Exiled Jacques Pradel and Jean-Marc Morandini for Their ‘Search for Meaning’

Adaptation Rescue 911 in France, surprising channel directors with its spectacular success, on Saturdays in the first part of the evening on Antenne 2. Indeed, in 1991, no “reality TV” programs were scheduled in prime time in France. lost sight adaptation of the Italian format Did you see Chi?probably already existed on TF1, but after 22:30, like love is in danger Filmed a couple of sessions of psychotherapy.

(Second) birth of Laurent Cabrol

night of heroespresented by Laurent Cabrol, produced by Philippe Pleasance and Philippe Thuillier, opened the public service ball at 20:45, right in the middle of François Mitterrand’s second seven-year term and on the eve of the signing of the Treaty. Maastricht. If the pair of Air Jordans and Game Boys are the new stars of the playground, Antenne 2 magazine is no less in the news. No program broadcast on a state channel at the time could reach such a large audience.

They are people just like you and us, but in an instant everything changed for them and they experienced the adventure of a lifetime. Tonight they enter the Night of Heroes Says a voice-over before the credits. Reenactments of the show are dedicated to anonymous people, including this woman who had the intelligence to put a straw in her hamster’s mouth to revive him, this man who survived, we don’t know how, from a spectacular fall of several hundred meters…

Auditorium La 2 looks good. The more Saturdays pass, the more it takes off. The show becomes the new family weekend get-together. However, with the exception of Sunday Martin and from MagiAntenne 2’s Saturday and Sunday schedules keep audiences fairly low… Laurent Cabrolpreviously limited to the role of weather or game presenter Numbers and letterswas then the most popular.

TF1 will make a skin for Night of Heroes

On the contrary, TF1 is dying of envy. How could the great priestess of magazines, Pascal Breino, not smell cardboard? night of heroes ? How could she let the public service get the rights to adapt such a concept? In Bouygues, the tone is not jocular. You must find the parade. And as soon as possible.

Next year, assembled like a cuckoo clock, TF1 intends to correct the mistake. On a Friday night, she simply suggests to Laurent Cabrol… change the channel! Admittedly, since you don’t have to push grandma either, the show no longer has the same name, but the formula is the same, with even more funds used to attract the public. Bloody reconstructions, intricate intrigues… night of heroes thus becomes Glory StepsSeptember 19, 1992 TF1 casually announces this new reality TV show, thinking the pill will slip by.

Here it is: the original night of heroes still live, on Antenna 2, which became France 2, always on Saturday nights, with the actor Michael Cretoninstead of Laurent Cabrol. Valerie Maurice is in charge of sporting events, the red thread of the show. In the offices of the public channel, one would like to believe that it will retain its aura despite new competition.

However, a few weeks after the start of the school year, the results fell like a knife: the product was dead. Michel Creton can’t do anything about it. Valerie Maurice even less. The public now prefers Glory Stepsthat is, an exact copy of the original idea …

TF1 successful

night of heroes stops, three months after the launch of his new version, in general indifference. Paradox! Less than a year ago, this show caused such interest! But that’s how TV works. And everything ends with the court: La 2 immediately attacks TF1 for plagiarism. Philip Pleasance defends himself by pointing out thatHerve Bourges was ashamed of his reality show, which levied itself with “tele-garbage”. But the evidence catches up with him: France 2 wins the case and TF1 has to pay its opponent 55 million francs. Much ado about nothing…

Glory Steps to put it mildly, not the most viewed program of its kind. After renaming extraordinaryhe disappeared the following year. Laurent Cabrol finally leaves prime time, walks through the game box, taking over the batongolden familythen joined the good old Teleshopping… But the reality TV wave has just begun.

Lost in sight, Witness #1, Secrets…

Bye lost sight now reaches viewership exploits on Monday in the first part of the evening, Pascal Braino launches Witness number one, with the same Jacques Pradel. This time it’s not about finding people alive… but about helping the police investigate cold cases!

In the same year, TF1 also gave a chance Mysteries, a “paranormal magazine” where Alexander Balu publishes scary reports., with apples that gravitate in the air and individuals that are consumed in seconds for reasons that remain unexplained by science. The audience trembles. If the expression “trash TV” set Hervé Bourges back, it didn’t frighten the TF1 team in 1993 at all. What the public wants, Bouygues creates, even if sometimes it looks like a real wonderland.

On September 17 of the same year, Pascal Breino puzzled over how to present the toughest magazine possible. Moreover, its name will even announce it subconsciously. The viewer will have to expect everything, absolutely everything. Jean-Marc Morandini, former journalist for La 5time seen in Telematinagrees to give this nugget of its kind, is baptized Everything is possible.

The second part of the evening magazine has an amazing quality of flirting with both dirty and burlesque stuff. Interviews with Lolo Ferrari, Linda de Susa or Isabelle Duhamel, artists in trouble or on thatch, mock Morandini in the eyes teleramarelease, Horn information Canal+, who do not miss the opportunity to demolish it.

Anything is possible… programmed self-destruction

But the owner, led by Turkey, is ultimately only a link. And how blind is he who sees in him the culprit of all these abominations! As long as the audience is in good shape, TF1 will have nothing to do with high-flown protests from what will internally be called “left-wing media”. But after some time, the scores will collapse, and management will see a completely different view of meaningful criticism addressed to them.

However, in 1996, nine years after privatization, the network will devote itself to an amazing test of conscience. Patrick Le Ley will not hesitate to talk about ” search for meaning to justify evicting a “reality show”. Pascal Breino then turned to fiction, creating her own brand, Ego Productions. All the faces that popularized the genre will disappear, Morandini at the forefront, as if they bear the brunt of the original mistake…

Also discover the great access battles: Wheel of Fortune, Nagui, Dechavannes… May the best win between TF1 and France 2!

Also discover great entertaining battles: Drucker, Foucault, Sabatier, Sebastien, brilliant quartet, one star too many for TF1.

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