Rabbit ram, how to grow it at home? Our advice

Rabbit ram is a very light pet. There are different official breeds, the largest of which french ram weighing up to 6.5 kg and the smallest, dwarf ram, which in adulthood does not weigh more than 1.9 kg. Lop-eared rabbits, recognizable by their large floppy ears and extremely soft fur, are sought after as pets because they are very affectionate and quiet. Let’s sum up the favorable conditions for breeding these fluffy lumps named rabbit soft toys.

Is it possible to train a ram rabbit?

It is quite possible to get his ram-bunny to be perfect. domesticatedlike a cat or a dog. To do this, it is important to observe the following points.

  • Talk to him in a calm, serene voice so that trust him.
  • Repeat his name to him very often, for he may recognize it when it is only one or two syllables long.
  • Reach for it without touching it first: it will come by itself after a few days, and then will caress.
  • Modulate his intonations, because the Aries rabbit is very good at distinguishing them, which is why we can teach him how to be clean. He really understands a firmly pronounced “No” when he relieves himself anywhere. As with his name, it’s important to use short words (yes, bravo, come, trash can, trash, etc.).

It’s the same when you want to teach him not to chew on chair legs!

To succeed in establishing this wonderful relationship between his ram rabbit and him, the owner must always sit level with your animal. This is necessary in order for the latter to be completely sure. The ram rabbit, being very affectionate by nature, can then take him in his arms and gladly agree to cuddle, which he appreciates very much.

Understand their way of communicating

The rabbit-ram, as we have already emphasized, is an animal endowed with outstanding intellect. Once well tamed by his master, he seeks his company under any circumstances and even tries to socialize. Being an observer, its owner can decipher the messages that the rabbit is trying to send him.

For communication, the rabbit uses various parts of its body, such as long ears, hind legs, etc. Thus:

  • He stretches his ears back: he is not happy,
  • He moves his ears back and forth, then back and forth: he listens attentively,
  • Hits the ground with a strong blow of the hind leg: informs his surroundings of impending danger,
  • It lays down, then spreads out: waiting for affection,
  • He rolls on the ground: he is serene,
  • He stands on his hind legs: he observes his surroundings and is interested in what his owner is doing,
  • He curls up and grunts: he is in a very bad mood.

Paying great attention to our rabbit-ram, we can only appreciate this attitude complicity which is gradually consolidated. However, you should always consider and respect the character of your little companion. Some ram rabbits may take longer than others to feel confident and at home. Therefore, we remain patient and in no way allow harshness towards our small animal.

And anyway we give him enoughspace but also freedom, inside and out, because the rabbit also loves to jump around the garden! However, it is better that it be closed.

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