Putin denounces pressure on Gazprom in Europe and threatens to represent

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Ah… Is this a contest???


So I’ll try to make a good one?

This is the main hamster of the intriguing patrol, the temporarily telescopic big beckoning of the EU calls Putin and tells him something like this:

Well, I’m calling you “first”, Vlad, it’s more PR between us! … I urge you to keep quiet about the subject of settlements in rubles, and this is NIET! … NATO takes the wind, saperlipopet.

Look, Mi’kmaq, the day I need to dig a tunnel for another blow job, I’ll give you a call. In the meantime, stop digging, you’re digging yourself in… And don’t forget my wheat, you have 2 months left to pay in rubles, after the deadline I will sell everything to the Chinese and Indians.

“Putin denounces pressure on Gazprom in Europe”

Well, yes, but “at the same time” as another would say, if there is no minimum pressure, then the gas is useless.
Must see to see.

“Putin denounces pressure on Gazprom in Europe and threatens reprisals.” No, quickly bring back German Putinophile Chancellor Angela Merkel, pro-Russian in collaborationism or Soviet brainwashing from her youth in East Germany. Long live Europe Mark-ruble fortunately with 27 cowardly and dependent countries in front of the great Russia of Tsar Putin with its gas among others. Hurray in Russian with Merkel and Putin! Yes, and thanks again, Angela Ryre.

world war 3 is fast approaching

Germany announces it will temporarily take control of the German subsidiary of gas giant Gazprom Germania to ensure gas supply stability. (AFP/John MACDOUGALL)

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday denounced the “pressure” being exerted on Gazprom in Europe, stressing that the nationalization of Russian assets is a “double-edged sword.”

“The situation in the energy sector is deteriorating due to rough measures that are not related to the market, in particular, administrative pressure on our company Gazprom in a number of European countries,” he said on television at a meeting on the agro-industrial complex. sector.

“We are already hearing statements from officials about the nationalization of part of our assets. You can go far with this. Let no one forget that this is a double-edged sword,” Putin added.

The comments come after Germany announced the day before that it would temporarily take over the German subsidiary of the gas giant Gazprom Germania to ensure the sustainability of gas supplies.

The decision came after the Russian group announced on Friday that it was “withdrawing” from the subsidiary without immediately naming a buyer, clouding the company’s future.

Gazprom’s subsidiaries operate major gas and fuel storage infrastructures in Germany. In turn, Gazprom Germania has several subsidiaries in the UK, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

Russia and European countries are closely linked by their energy interdependence: Moscow needs its gas manna, while the EU is very dependent on Russian hydrocarbons.

That relationship is under increasing pressure following the Russian offensive in Ukraine and the sanctions that hit the Russian economy.

The EU says it wants to reduce its dependence on Moscow, but at the same time does not want to hit Russia’s energy sector with sanctions.

Moscow, for its part, has said it has obliged European consumers to pay their gas bills in rubles, although in practice bills are always billed in euros or dollars.

The Kremlin has also repeatedly emphasized that Russia is a reliable exporter of hydrocarbons, and supplies have not been affected by either the conflict in Ukraine or sanctions.

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