Panda twins celebrate their first birthday

On Tuesday, August 2, Yuandudu and Juan Lili, panda twins from Beauval Zoo, will celebrate their first birthday. An event expected all over the world, as the birth of a child followed.

Baby pandas at Beauval Zoo turn one year old

[Mise à jour du 26 juillet 2022]. This Tuesday, August 2, 2022, Yuandudu and Huang Lili will celebrate their first anniversary. Thanks to mom, veterinarians and zookeepers, the panda twins are in great shape. They will be entitled to a lavish birthday as well apple and bamboo ice cream .Visitors will also be spoiled with five golden tickets nested in paper cards handed out at the park entrance, allowing them to partake in exclusive behind-the-scenes activities at the zoo. Both young and old can get face painted and take part in panda-themed educational activities.

“When they are awake, the twins play together and are as cute as always. They have grown quite a bit and weigh 23 kg and 28 kg.“The park says. If they, like their mother, start chewing on small leaves of bamboo shoots, they continue to feed mainly on milk. Gradually, they become independent from their mother.However, Juan Juan continues to take good care of the panda cubs, feeding them twice a day on average.”. Therefore, the twins feel great at the dawn of their first birthday. From December 11, 2021, visitors to the ZooParc de Beauval can discover twin pandas through the panda gallery’s large bay windows. From the first month it was already possible to admire the characteristic black spots of pandas.

The panda twins meet their audience © Zoo Beauval

Panda Twins Final Names were presented at an official ceremony on November 18, 2021.. it panda twin godfathers, Kylian Mbappe and the Chinese diver Zhang Jiaqi, who had the honor of announcing the names that thus replace “Cotton Flower” and “Snowball“.”Beauval is honored to have such athletes bowing down over the cradle of our little pandas. Their commitment highlights, especially among young people, the importance of protecting endangered species and biodiversity.”This was announced by the director of the zoo Boval Delphine Delor.

The “cotton flower” is named after Juanlili.

43% of Internet users voted online for name is Juanlili. The first syllable Juan comes from mother’s name Juan Juan, while the last two syllables refer to the pronunciation of the Parisian capital.

Little snow is called Yuandudu

Kylian Mbappe in turn revealed the name of the second panda Yuandudu. These two names evoke the desire for healthy growth in children and symbolize the deep ties between China and France.

At the end of March, the female giant panda Huang Huang and her male relative Yuan Zi tried to mate, and artificial insemination was carried out at the same time, because The female panda is only capable of breeding one or two days a year.. It was through artificial insemination that Juan Juan also gave birth on August 4, 2017, Yuan Meng, the first panda born in France.

pandas-twins-zoo de beauval
Panda twins at ZooParc de Beauval © Zoo Beauval

ZooParc de Beauval: in the Loire et Cher, one of the most beautiful zoos in the world.

ZooParc de Beauval, located in Saint-Aignan, in the Loire-et-Cher department, is one of the five most beautiful zoos in the world.. This animal park covers an area of ​​more than 40 hectares, has 10,000 animals of over 600 different species and has about 750 births. Active in animal welfare and protection of endangered speciesZoo Beauval promotes diversity through its association Beauval Naturein particular by supporting over 40 research and conservation programs. A magical and fun day awaits you at the Zoo, where you can see the famous giant pandas, whose presence is unique in France! Opportunity to also meet the famous Yuan Meng and attend educational events, shows, and behind-the-scenes tours of the park with the whole family to try on the coach’s shoes. ZooParc de Beauval also has a mobile phone app to make your visit easier! And that’s not all: just like the birds, watch the Zoo from the sky thanks to Beauval Cloud, gondola system, electric and silent. These aerial cabins, located 35 meters above the ground, will take you from one end of the park to the other along an 800-meter route. The most daring will be able to choose side houses with a glass floor, so as not to miss anything in the park.

ZooParc de Beauval: editorial opinion

This August, the crowd gathers for a rendezvous as Maxim, 11, and Laila and I enter the largest zoo in France. But we don’t expect much, despite the medical passport check. Children are already stamping their feet at the thought of meeting the brother and father of the panda cubs! The day won’t be too long to discover 20 territories of the Zoo. First of all, discover the Equatorial Dome, which immerses young and old in a tropical paradise. Maxim and Laila no longer know where to turn because there are so many animals around. They will fall in love with the pygmy hippopotamus and the manatee. They won’t see the rest of the day go by as there are so many worlds and so many shows to discover. They will finish it by meeting the father and brother of the twin pandas who were adopted by their mother. Big moment! Tip for visitors: reserve strollers for children who can’t walk or don’t walk very well, because they are the ones that cause traffic!

What animals to see at ZooParc de Beauval?

Giant pandas, white tigers and big cats are waiting for young and old, as well as educational activities (apprentice trainer…) as well as shows. Generally, over 8000 animals live in the ZooParc de Beauval, namely 600 species from all over the world. Some of them are unmissable and contribute to the reputation of the park, starting with the giant panda that wows kids and adults alike! Two pandas from China live in Beauval. Discover other rare species such as the white tiger and manatee found in Asia and Florida respectively. Young and old alike can enjoy the presence of big cats, primates, fish, birds and even aquatic mammals: so many species that never fail to fascinate! Travel across the continents awaits you at Beauval.

Tasmanian devils at ZooParc de Beauval

ZooParc de Beauval welcomed new residents in 2019: tasmanian devils ! These stocky little marsupials live on the island of Tasmania, in the Australian state, and are best known for their very high-pitched calls. This species, classified as an endangered species, is under the European Breeding Program (EEP).

The Tasmanian Devil is coming to ZooParc de Beauval in 2019! © Zoo Beauval

Lionland at Beauval Zoo

Lions are king at ZooParc de Beauval ! Since 2017, they have been given a magnificent space of 5300 m². The long tunnel will let you get as close to the big cats as possible, and the decor is impressive.

Hippos in underwater vision

For the first time in Beauval, a huge park welcomes a pair of hippos. Visitors get exceptional viewing platforms from three terraces: underwater, on land and from an elevated platform.

Reserve Behemoths © Zoo de Beauval

Hotels in ZooParc de Beauval: where to stay?

Do you want to spend stay at ZooParc de Beauval make the most of it? There are 3 hotels and a hotel residence in the park.

  • In the gardens of Beauval located a 5-minute walk from the Zoo, visitors are greeted by animal statues and birdsong at the hotel with carved wooden doors and colorful paintings made by Balinese craftsmen. To return to their pavilion, they must rise above the water on a charming wooden pontoon. (from 129 euros per night for an adult)
  • Another atmosphere in Beauval pagodas located about 7 minutes from the park. This bright red hotel transports visitors to China. You can even enjoy relaxing in the lagoon pool. (from 114 euros per night for an adult)
Beauval pagodas © Zoo Beauval
  • Finally, flight to Africa Beauval heights with exotic decor and warm colors of this continent. Families will especially appreciate the play areas for children and the three minutes to get to the park by car (from 103 euros per night for an adult). Finally, the most independent can afford to be seduced Residence Hotel Les Hameaux de Beauval and his one to three bedroom apartments. Imbued with a Vietnamese atmosphere, it is located a 7-minute drive from the Zoo. (from 100 euros per day for an adult).

Become a caretaker for a day at the Beauval Zoo!

ZooParc de Beauval offers visitors many activities that allow them to become real participants in the life of the park! Become a zookeeper for a day and learn the secrets of this profession. The animator will show you behind the scenes of the park, the way of life of animals, different types of food, etc. This half day will always be remembered! The park organizes several shows and activities: many animals participate in educational activities, such as penguins, gorillas and even giant pandas. Children are not left out and can also become junior coaches. They are also offered game books and books.

Address ZooParc de Beauval

ZooParc de Beauval, 41110 Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher (Loir-et-Cher)

Zoo de Beauval, phone number : 02 54 75 50 00

ZooParc de Beauval opening hours

Open every day from 9 am. The park closes at nightfall.

ZooParc de Beauval official website :

Zoo de Beauval prices

1 day ticket: from 27 euros for children (from 3 to 10 years old) and 34 euros for adults. Ticket for 2 days: from 40.5 euros for children and 51 euros for adults.

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