Panda Meetings, China’s 1st SME E-Commerce Show and ETI

Lyon-based serial entrepreneur Alain Layde, in the company of Betty Touzot, a specialist in Chinese e-commerce, are organizing an e-commerce fair in the Middle Country: Panda Meetings on June 24 and 25, which is likely to allow SMEs and ETIs to enter Chinese trade for more low price. A gateway that can prove very useful in this period of recovery from the crisis…

Originally a Lyon-based journalist specializing in new technologies, Alain Layde quickly became a serial entrepreneur, first organizing major technology fairs specialized in e-commerce, such as Paris Retail Week (formerly E.commerce Paris), E.Marketing-Paris or E .Marketing-Paris. Exhibition E-Commerce One to one Monaco led by the Comexposium group; then through the companies he helped create, such as Lyon-based Wizaplace.

His latest initiative: the first Chinese e-commerce exhibition for French and European companies and in particular SMEs, as well as ETI, who can find solid opportunities there: the Panda Meetings exhibition.

The e-commerce fair, of course, is online, organized by her partner Betty Tuzo, co-founder of this fair, which will take place on June 24 and 25.

“The aim of this exhibition is to give French exporters the keys to positioning themselves in a market with great potential,” says Alain Laide.

And add: “In 2020, 800 million connected Chinese spent on the Internet an amount equivalent to France’s GDP, i.e. $2,300 billion, with an increase of almost 30% per year!”

“This market will double again over the next five years, and by 2023 more than 50% of global sales in China will be online. a lot to learn and test.”

For sale, in fact, it is useless to create a merchant website, it will be invisible.

This 90% mobile phone Chinese e-commerce market is structured around several giants, including the famous Alibaba of course, as well as WeChat,, Douyin with several tens of thousands of influencers who are at the crossroads. Chinese “social commerce”.

260 million euros of goods sold in less than 12 hours

Supporting example: “I have a recent example worth highlighting: A French influencer just sold… 260 million items in less than 12 hours destined for the Chinese market!”

Among the many sectors that may be of particular interest to the said Chinese market are jewellery.

Specifically, how will Panda Encounters be held?

30-minute visa meetings, in this case online business meetings will be offered; and that, through network sessions to learn about the offers of Chinese service providers. Fortunately, instead of Chinese, English will be used, “the language spoken by all service providers,” Alain Leyde specifies.

Alain Leyde and Betty Tuzo actually chose about thirty “qualified” service providers for this first business meeting.

This online show is based on the experience of the latter, who lived in China for eight years before recently returning to France: she only worked in Chinese e-commerce, which she knows well.

As part of the export recovery plan

Please note that this show, supported by Business France and Team France Export as part of the Export Recovery Plan, is free for brands and retailers: “Chinese agencies pay,” Alain Leyde clarifies.

All in all, this show, which is thus free for companies, can offer great prospects for small and medium-sized enterprises that are not always well prepared for export. But, oddly enough, surprisingly, this is the first initiative of its kind to see the light of day in France.

This show, which aims to be permanent, may eventually have a physical version in China once the health restrictions are lifted…

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