nintendo and Intelligent systems recently launched a new special focus of heroes called ” flowers wedding “, In stock until June 20 8:59. This time, the heroes eligible for special outfits lilina (installed block, blue volume), Sophie (flying machine, red folio) and Cecilia (hinged block, red volume, also available in 4-star version) Binding Bladeand finally the harmonized unit Roy with Eliwood (horse unit, ax) Binding Blade and Burning Blade respectively.

Thus the harmonized unit Roy with Eliwood joins the other harmonized units added earlier: Mia, Sharp Harmony with March, Veronica, Pirate Harmony with Xander and Tiki, Harmony of the Dragon with Ninian and Altina, eternal couple with Sanaki, Dorothea, Evening harmony with Lene, Mirra, Spring harmony with Nah, Katria, double azure wing with Thea, Shiida, dark blue couple with plumeria, Leif, Destiny’s heirs with Selif, Lysithea, talented students with the lute and Azura, Hatari duet with Lynn and Sonya, Sublime Bunnies with Tarja.

In addition, a special edition Larum (flying squad, spear) Binding Bladeby the name bride dancerincluded in the new chapter rewards Troubles + “Marriage War”, available until May 30 8:59. There is a daily login bonus before 08:59 on June 2nd to get orbs up to 10 times. Other notable awards are Sacred Seals Troop Def/Res 1 and Freeze Atk/Def 1.

As usual, special focus heroes are entitled to a different weapon type from their original version in addition to unique equipment and new skills available at the rank level. 5 stars. BUT new side script allows you to earn spheres with three difficulty levels: Normal, Difficult and Expert. So we can win total 9 balls. Furthermore, special quests images of heroes are also present in the game and provide an opportunity to get 3 additional spheres.

Other special events will follow in the coming months. As for tricks spring festival, hello brides, Ilis summer, norian summer, performing arts, grim harvest, winter festival, Have a nice year!, Love is always, spring rabbits, it’s a bouquet, Summer is here, Artistic summer, Party at Hoshido, Gift of the earth, winter gifts, New Year of Fire and Ice, Source of Heroes, Faithful Grayla, royal rabbits, The perfect picnic, wedding joy, Return of summer, summer awakening, Magnificent evening, Harvest of monsters, glorious gifts, renewed spirit, good gifts, family party, Genesis, Beloved bride and groom, fleeting summer, Sea memories, pirate pride, endless dream, dragon harvest, present tense, wonder of the festival, New Year: Special Heroes ω, Desert Rituals, king love, Stubborn rabbits, childhood reunion, wedding grace, summer glow, summer day dream, dangerous seas, heirs of the twelve, general abundance, ninja training, winter sleep, Like a mechanism, lost kingdoms, Here by my side, research rabbit and unlikely friendshipthese special heroes may reappear in other summon events (such as legendary or mythical hero summon events) with a different rank, and their spawn rate may be higher.

It will be possible to summon a 5* hero of our choice after completing 40 summons in certain events, in addition to those involving new heroes added at the same time as new chapters. However, this new feature is only available to people with a Feh Pass subscription.

  • Lilina, the Radiant Bride (hinged block, blue volume), voiced by Julie Cleaver/Ari Ozawa, art by kaya8, heroine profile in the official manual
  • Sofia, seer-bride (flounce, red tome), voiced by Wendy Lee / Saori Onishi, art: Tantan, profile of the heroine in the official guidebook
  • Cecilia, bride of Etruria (mounted unit, red tome), voiced by Cherami Lee/Toa Yukinari, illustration: kainown, heroine profile in the official manual
  • Roy, Diamond is married to Eliwood (cavalry unit, axe), voiced by Ray Chase + Yuri Lowenthal / Jun Fukuyama + Takahiro Sakurai, art by Sachiko Wada, hero sheet in the official manual
  • Larum, dancer bride (flying unit, spear) voiced by Elizabeth Simmons/Shiori Izawa, art by oukawayu, character profile in the official guidebook

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