Near Toulouse. Dinosaurs, a giant panda… What awaits visitors to the Lantern Festival

The magical Fuzhu deer will be present at the Lantern Festival in Blagnac near Toulouse from December 1, 2021. (© Lantern Festival)

This is one of the main events of next winter. From 1uh from December 1, 2021uh February 2022 Blagnacat the gates of Toulouse, welcomes for the first time Lantern Festival to Riture Park.

This international cultural event was previously organized in Guyac (Tarn). A victim of its own success (the last festival in the city of Tarn attracted 450,000 visitors), the festival moved to the Haute-Garonne in order to be able to receive more visitors and in better conditions.

Theme paying homage to Blagnac

Wednesday 23 June 2021 Mayor of Blagnac Joseph Carles and Patrice Gausserandformer Mayor of Gaillac, as well as President of Mag Conseil and Representative lantern cultural industry group of companies Zigong (the consortium that owns the festival) presented the theme of the next Lantern Festival: “Flying over the miraculous”.

A reference to the novel by Ken Kesey and the film by Milos Forman Flight over the cuckoo’s nest. This theme also applies to the word “flight”, which also pays homage to Blagnac, “the cradle of European and world aeronautics”.

2000 lanterns in the park

“I have a demand,” insists Joseph Carles. This lantern festival in Blagnac is the most beautiful lantern festival in Europe. I want to take a step forward from what was already the magic of Gaillac,” he emphasizes.

To do this, he will be able to count on the achievements 80 Chinese artisans from the province Sichuan. At Ritouret they will present more 45 light boards. Eventually, 2000 lanternswhose 800 giantesswill be present throughout the Blagnac park.

The Lantern Festival will take place in the Parc Ritouret in Blagnac from December 1, 2021.
The Lantern Festival will take place in the Parc Ritouret in Blagnac from December 1, 2021. (© Thibaut Calatayud / News Toulouse)

First in Europe

Among the various paintings that will be offered to visitors, one can be noted dedicated to the legend of the magical Fuzhu deer. A product of impressive dimensions: 15 by 20 meters in length and 6 meters in height!

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For the first time in Europe, a boat 40 meters long and 8 meters high will pass in the middle of Lake Riture. A similar representation has already been made in Tokyocapital of Japan.

Even more impressive, over 100 meters long, an entire village, “Grand View Garden” will be restored with the help of lanterns. “There will be a central part: a nine-story temple,” announces Patrice Gosserand. This monument will have a height of 16 to 17 meters.

The Grand View Garden will be 100 meters long. (© Lantern Festival)

Dinosaurs and… a giant panda!

Riture Park has two large hills. One of them will feature the return of the stars from the latest issue of Gaillac. dinosaurs life size will be in Blagnac 1uh next December. Some of them will be made of silk, while others will have a realistic look thanks to the resin, which ensures complete immersion.

On another hill giant panda settle in the midst of greenery. “This is the first time!” exults Patrice Gausserand, who adds: “We will also make a panda forest on this pyramid.”

Aeronautics well represented

The Pink City will also be honored. Desk dedicated Violet Toulouses will be made by Chinese craftsmen. But whoever says Toulouse is sure to say aeronautics. Thus, aviation history retrospective will be offered to visitors.

Clement Aderpioneer of aviation, will be entitled to a high tribute, as well as Pierre-Georges Latecoeur founder of the group of the same name and specialist in the construction of seaplanes. Pilot and author Antoine de Saint-Exupery will also be presented for establishing links between Toulouse and Casablanca in Morocco.

Airport parking for visitors

To achieve financial balance, the festival must attract at least 450,000 visitors. To attract everyone, the transport offer must be sufficient. For this, Thisseo already planned to increase the speed of the tram to Blagnac throughout the event.

Besides, car park P6 Toulouse-Blagnac Airport will be dedicated to festival goers who will be able to park their car and use the shuttle service that will take them to the Ritouret Park.

Practical information
Lantern Festival in Blagnac
From 1uh from December 1, 2021uh February 2022
Gross price: 19 euros, reduced price: 15 euros, price for residents of Blagnac: 13 euros. Prices will also be offered for people with reduced mobility. Free for children under 11 years old.

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