Mr. Gox, the Hamster Who Understands Bitcoin Trading Better Than You

If everyone remembers with surprise and respect the performances of Paul the Octopus, who was able to predict the results of football matches during the 2010 World Cup with amazing accuracy, it may well be that the noble cephalopod finally has a first-class competitor. Indeed, the German hamster, sweetly named Mr. Goxx (fans will appreciate) has been trading bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for 3 months now. And between two croquettes and 3 circles, a valiant rodent presents performances that make the wolves of Wall Street blush …

Cheerful hamster by day, bitcoin king by night

We could very well host the next winners of one of the famous Ig Nobel Prizes (the “anti-Nobel prizes” that are awarded annually to research groups whose topics are considered the most unusual). Indeed, far from the traditional image of purely German austerity, something that strongly resembles a study on trading and game theory was born. A stupid idea that arose in a moment of bewilderment? Did the outcome of a lost bet go wrong? For now, the mystery remains intact (but could serve as a new kind of advertising campaign).

mouse loft

In any case, the facts are clear: a hamster named Mr. Gox was equipped with all the necessary equipment to be able to create a crypto portfolio for buying, selling, arbitrage in the markets. And while you’re still hesitating to buy your first cryptocurrency, dynamic guinea pig For 3 months now he has been living his best life in virtual auction rooms, all under cameras, in the style of a reality show 3.0.

First, Goxx spins the “wheel of intent”, allowing him to “choose” among about thirty cryptocurrencies which one will be sold. Once this step is taken and the cryptocurrency is chosen, the hamster passes through one of two “decision tunnels” that initiate the buying or selling of the cryptocurrency in question.

Please note that you can follow Mr. Gox’s activities (and take some notes) live on Twitch.

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Professional crypto traders hurt by Mr. Goxx

It works ? Yes, and there is nothing to talk about! It’s very simple, all by itself and its smartest average weasel, Mr. Gox has made significant enough compromises to outperform – and from afar – both Nasdaq, SP 500 and even… bitcoin itself.

Mr. Gox's speech as of September 10
Performance Goxx in 3 months

Mr. Gox’s trainer (unknown, but goes by the pseudonym “Protos”) explains that his golden boy started at $390 in June and his portfolio reached ATH of $580 in mid-September. It is currently up 24% for a profit of $77.

Mr. Goxx currently owns a portfolio consisting of Tron, XRP, ADA, and some Ether. Carries out regular trading in tranches of 20 euros.

Incidentally, at the time of this writing, Mr. Gox (who finds time tweet) comes from the shorter Ripple (XRP)do what you want with this information, which may not yet be valued by the market).

rodent, not rabid

Of course, apart from the fact that it is difficult to establish the authenticity of the whole story, we must note that these results are the result of chance and could ideally present diametrically opposed views. Opportunity, first of all, to illustrate the concept established in the book “Random walk down Wall Street Burton Malkiel that a blindfolded monkey throwing darts at a stock listing in a newspaper should do just as well as an investment man.

As for Mr. Gox, between two seeds, he knows how to keep it simple despite his newfound fame:

“Mr Gox is delighted to see some of his investments are finally paying off”

Mr. Gox’s press secretary

As the crypto markets have been on a rollercoaster ride over the past few months, let’s hope Mr. Gox’s adventures put a smile on your face. It can also be an opportunity to put into perspective what the complexity of charts and the many sophisticated tools that intrude into the everyday life of a crypto investor sometimes make us forget: that we are constantly evolving in the midst of chaos and that sometimes we need to have the humility to accept that The random decisions of a small German hamster can be infinitely more important than those of the most competent professionals.

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