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Noemi Merlan


Inspired by her tales of love and friendship, Noémie Merlan starred in an enchanting first feature film whose flaws even fuel its insane charm.

This is the story of a young woman who, after leaving to bury her life as a young girl with friends in Romania, falls in love with a boy there who destroys her confidence. This story, which Noémie Merlan (who signs her first feature film while playing a central role) explained during her presentation at Cannes in 2021, that it was her story. Romanticized, of course, but true to this passionate love that she was able to experience. Filmed in 14 days with actors from his inner circle, My love has nothing to do with a holiday movie between friends. If he suffers from clumsiness, then Noémie Merlan’s craving for cinema turns many mountains. She creates a dialogue between French and Gypsy cultures, waltzing with clichés, she knows how to infuse desire as well as modesty into love scenes of great delicacy. There is a lot of energy, colors and good sound in this cry of the soul. How not to give in?

Thierry Chez

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SUNSET ★★★★☆

Michelle Franco

It’s such a silent and mysterious movie that he’d better know as little as possible about it before sitting down in front of it. Suffice it to say that Tim Roth plays a man vacationing with his sister and nephews in an ultra-luxury Mexican hotel. An unforeseen event forces the family to rush home to London, but our hero finds a false excuse to turn back at the last minute. So, under the scorching sun of a beach in Acapulco, he will let himself drift, orchestrating the meticulous destruction of his existence… Michel Franco manages to create suspense, a very great tension, thanks to his extraordinary control of duration, his mastery. unsaid, patiently building a kind of existential puzzle, full of black humor and carrying the power of the embodiment of a truly brilliant Tim Roth.

Frederic Fuber



Jasmine Trinca

Insomnia little girl. His mother is a street artist who certainly loves him, but is awkward and prefers… his dog (and show partner) Marcel! Here is the starting point for actress Jasmine Trinca’s first feature film, inspired by the exceptional and passionate relationship she had with her own mother. And more than his storytelling, which suffers here and there from air holes, is the intentionally baroque aspect of his production, his play with bright colors (created with Daria D’Antonio, director God’s hand Sorrentino) to counteract the darkness and pain of certain situations that Marseilles! Pick you up Her shots look like paintings coming to life to the rhythm of the beautiful duo she has assembled on screen: the gifted youngsters Maaane Conti and Alba Rohrwacher, who seem to reinvent themselves in every role. We bet Jasmine Trinca won’t stop there.

Thierry Chez


Tetsuya Mariko

The booming Japanese film director Tetsuya Mariko comes into force in our land, with the joint releases of his first two feature films: Children of destruction (2016), on the route of the obsessive brawler (see below) and this Become a Father (2018), not necessarily more peaceful than the previous one. Tetsuya, seen in particular at the Locarno festival and trained by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, is here adapting a manga popular in Japan. The hero, a frame without scale, deploys unexpected aggressiveness for the sake of the beautiful eyes of his beauty. Through this evolution, the director demonstrates how Japanese society created monsters of frustration by forcing its flock to stay in line. ” Treat the whole world as your enemy. “, we hear here. To this pessimism, Tetsuya Mariko’s graceful staging provides a salutary counterbalance.

Thomas Bauras


Tetsuya Mariko

Saturated guitars as a discovery. Port city in Japan. The gang lynched an 18-year-old boy. Voice muted: ” That day my brother disappeared. He didn’t show up again. I ask where he went… Considering his cocky temperament, this did not surprise anyone. “Tetsuya Mariko’s camera will of course follow this” missing brother Taira is played by Yuya Yagira, winner of the Best Actor award at the Cannes Film Festival. No one knows Hirokazu Kore-eda in 2004. We recognize the subtlety of his features rather than his youthful grace, as his character enjoys beating up those who have the misfortune to cross his path. There is no morality or neighborhood here, this is a disoriented Japan, orphaned and fed up with itself, which is firmly removed by Tetsuya Mariko. Impressive.

Thomas Bauras


Jared Stern and Sam Levine

Did you know that Superman has a dog? It’s not an opportunistic invention: Krypto’s super-dog appeared in the 1955 Man of Steel adventure when he was a teenager. Very popular – and already the hero of the 2005 animated series – here he is at the head of his film, and the result is really good. Okay, that sounds like a superhero version. like animals with his gang of strange animals with superpowers (a turtle that can spin like the Flash, a hamster like Akira) and living an adventure that parallels that of humans, but the fun is there: watching a solid visually well-made family comedy (Metropolis City at the top) while managing to make fun of the entire DC superhero gang. Special mention deserves Batman, voiced by Keanu Reeves in VO, who manipulates the timing of the appearance to give another vision of the Dark Knight. Fun, of course.

Sylvester Picard


Munya Akl

We remember in France, at the announcement of the first conclusion, the frantic race of terrified Parisians racing along the roads to reach a safe harbor in the countryside. What if the plot Costa Brava, Lebanon should take place in the near future, it calls to mind our recent past. Soraya and Walid (Nadine Labaki and Saleh Bakri), a couple with children, decide to retire away from the bustle of Beirut and its fast-paced life. In their 100% responsible shack, everything is beautiful and organic. Except that backhoe loaders will soon invest in neighboring land to dig up an ecological dump. Our ulcers suddenly come out of their secluded comfort, lose their peace. With the help of an inspirational production and a script that’s harder than it looks, Muniya Akl pulls off a stimulating debut, all in suspense.

Thomas Bauras

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Denis Kot

Shadow Decline of the American Empire Denis Arcana, the huge success of Quebec cinema in France in the 80s (more than 1.2 million viewers gathered in 1987) depended on this new Denis Côte film (Vic + Flo saw a bear), but without overwriting. Two compatriots share this taste and talent for talking about sex with mock rudeness, but never falling into vulgarity. His characters are three young women who are invited to a nursing home to sort out their sexual problems under the supervision of a German therapist and social worker (Samir Guesmi, whose acting skills cannot be overestimated). And here everything goes through dialogues, because in 137 minutes of his story there is no silence. They know how to find the perfect balance between playfulness and seriousness. But unlike Abdel Keshiche’s cinema, which runs on a certain exhaustion, making dialogue the driving force – he, inexhaustible – of his storytelling, here this permanent ping-pong fights to keep its distance. because Side never finds a way to stage them, both from those who express themselves and from those who listen. And the daring charm of the first hour is replaced by a feeling of boredom, which eventually takes over the entire space until it suffocates us.

Thierry Chez



Peter Bebiak

Alfred Wetzler and Walter Rosenberg, two young Slovak Jews deported to Auschwitz in 1942, managed to escape on April 10, 1944 to save their lives, but above all to show the world what really happened in these death camps. It is from this true story that Peter Bebiak (cool lesson) chose to capitalize on a memory he considers even more important today, when the far right has heavily infiltrated his country’s parliament. The intention is laudable, but the result is puzzling. Violent critical debate around Schindler’s list as well as son of Saul Studies have shown that the depiction of day-to-day camp life on the big screen often raises questions. Here Bebiac decided never to show the gas chambers and crematoria because Wetzler and Rosenberg never knew them directly. But that doesn’t stop him from feeling a little bewildered before he stages suspense in these horror camps. Its implementation is certainly thoughtful and elaborate, from the shoulder-dominant camera that accompanies the characters as they hide and run, to the final 13-minute scene when they find themselves face to face with the Red Cross people to talk about their struggles. to be heard – but he has too prominent a side, like an elephant in a china shop, not to take us out of the story at regular intervals. The step was probably too high for him.

Thierry Chez

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