Manufacturers create a web platform to facilitate recruitment

“All for one, one for all” 17 Laval’s industrialists have made it their motto to combat labor shortages.

Last winter, these manufacturers, members of the Prox-industrial community, teamed up to create a web-based job seeker platform.

“This is a promising project for manufacturers working together to find concrete solutions to workforce shortages, as well as a platform to make it easier to find work,” said Marie-Christine Piedboeuf during its launch on February 2. president of the board of directors of Prox-industriel and business process expert at Pelican International.

Unskilled professions

An application submitted on the website is automatically communicated to the 17 partner companies.

But before submitting it, the applicant is asked to first select one or more of the four proposed job categories (manufacturing, maintenance, warehouse, and transportation), which detail the types of unskilled jobs available, and then check out (or desired shift(s).).

100 job resumes

This pilot project arose from an exchange of views between a very active support group for HR (human resources) within Prox-industrel, whose president is Rose-Marie Di Rosa

Comptoirs Lamnex.

“We have many, many, many recruiting difficulties,” she explained in an interview recently. Post Laval. We do business with agencies that can’t necessarily find people for us.

Already in 2019, there was a labor shortage in the industry, when 1,450 vacancies were identified at about 260 manufacturers in the Laval region. The pandemic has exacerbated the problem. “Today, to hire a person, you need to get 100 resumes. [curriculum vitae]’ illustrates Mrs. Di Rosa.

Deal valuation

Nancy Sullum, vice president of human resources for the Geloso group, a liquor manufacturer and distributor that employs about 400 people, can also testify to these recruiting difficulties, as she has to deal with a 10 percent vacancy rate.

In his opinion, this initiative, led by Prox-industriel, serves primarily to promote jobs in industry. “The main goal is to promote unskilled professions,” says one who is also part of the community’s personnel committee.

In fact, the digital platform is based on an advertising campaign through social networks, including Facebook, where employees show passion for their work.

Total labor force

To promote employee retention, Prox-industriel has developed an industrial workforce sharing project, emphasizes its President and CEO Chantal Provost.

This collaborative measure keeps employees running smoothly throughout the year, regardless of production lines that can slow down due to, for example, material delivery delays.

“This allows candidates to work for two companies if they so desire,” the CEO said, highlighting the synergy created by the network for the benefit of its members.

A subsidiary of the Laval Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIL), established in 2018, Prox-Industriel brings together 125 of the approximately 900 manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers scattered throughout Laval.

Participating companies

Leicester Foods
International Security Chimneys
Lamnex counters
Alliance Steel Corporation
Geloso group companies
George Kuri
Lessard Group
Monpac International
Pelican International
PIP Canada
VIAU food products
Thermoplast Nextrusions Limited
Wolseley Canada

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