Managers, put on your mask first

Take care of yourself first… so easy and so hard at the same time. (Photo: 123RF)

GUEST BLOG. I recently took a vacation. Yes. Yes. I treated myself to a brace and settled for a week on the beach in the south.

A well-deserved vacation after a hellish pace of almost two years. I took a few weekends here and there, a “vacation” in Quebec last summer (not a real vacation for me – too close to home and office) and hunted in the fall.

But as soon as both feet were in the sand, well detached and with a paper book in hand, I realized that I really stretched the elastic.

We are constantly told to take care of our team: be considerate, kind, patient, empathetic, friendly, humorous, caring and 100% present with your people!

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you quickly forget the most important thing: yourself.

Goodwill should start with what we give each other, right?

Luckily, unlike my college blogger Dominic Gagnon, I don’t have a problem sleeping. I can only imagine my condition if, in addition, my hamster would not let me sleep!

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I did start thinking about what I missed out on getting there and what I could do to avoid being in that situation in the future.

Plan better…and delegate better

I am a new entrepreneur. My business is growing. A classic rookie mistake: I want to do everything at once and I want to do everything myself. I have worn every hat since the launch of Resolys.

Therefore, I intend, first of all, to take the time to better plan for the future, update my business plan, change goals, revise the budget, the necessary resources. In short, plan-no-proud!

Then I delegate tasks where I personally don’t add any value and where I can easily get bogged down. I did not choose either IT or accounting, although a minimum of knowledge is required to survive, so I can quite entrust all this to other specialists. To each his own craft.

Keeping fit on schedule

And I’m not just talking about training here. Meditation, wellness sessions, and taking the time to cook are just as healthy and important ways to stay in shape as lifting weights or running.

However, it is too easy to cancel: a call from a client, to hell with meditation. In my opinion, staying in shape is essential to business success. I don’t know how I could keep up without a healthy body and mind.

Energy. Concentration. Good mood. Sleep better. Energy. Creativity. So many positive effects for keeping fit. I could prioritize!

Shut down…for real

I give my team the right to turn off completely in the evenings and weekends: no emails, texts and calls. We give everything we have during the day, the rest of the time belongs to them. I allow myself the right to half-off, this is the beginning. I can still improve.

What follows will make you smile: my reflections made me realize that my digital clock is poisoning my existence. This cutting-edge electronic gadget drives me crazy! Magic word? Connected.

But my watch is not the embodiment of a demon just for the connection aspect… Who like me is addicted to daily “closing the three rings” on their smartwatch that encourages me to move, exercise and get up?! I’m serious ! Count his steps. Get up every hour. Waste calories. Spend a certain amount of time exercising every day. Ugh. To be honest, I don’t need all this to justify my level of activity. Within a week, I finally changed my connected clock to a “flat” clock with an arrow. I can already breathe better.

Speaking of breathing, this all brings me back to how important it is to put on an oxygen mask first. Take small daily actions to take care of yourself first. So simple and so difficult at the same time.


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