List of small domestic rodents

Rodents are very popular pets for many people. As a rule, they should not wreak havoc in your home. On the contrary, they provide a pleasant company for both adults and children. However, many are very hesitant when it comes to deciding which animal to take. To help you, we present the most popular rodents in this article.


Despite the docile and very clean appearance, it must be said that the chinchilla is not the best choice if you have children. If one day this sweet companion finds himself in not the most pleasant conditions for him, a significant loss of hair can be expected. Which is not always very nice to see. That is why it is recommended only for adults.

Chinchillas are very sensitive to stress. Because of this, he can also lose part of his tail after a while. However, he remains charming when he feels good. In addition, it is very easy to feed. Indeed, it feeds mainly on hay and pellets.


The next one concerns the famous guinea pig. At first glance, one cannot remain indifferent to his cute side. Which gives a great desire to love him. Moreover, it is one of the most domesticated rodents. In fact, this animal is very affectionate. Unlike chinchillas, it is great for children, even very young ones.

This fetish mammal of babies is very calm. His biggest advantage is that he never attacks the people around him. As a result, your child’s friends may well approach him without fear of attack. He can keep company with his master throughout childhood, as his life expectancy ranges from 4 to 8 years. However, you should be aware that the guinea pig requires careful care both in terms of nutrition and hygiene.


The dwarf hamster is also very common. At first glance, the Siberian look gets a lot of worship. It’s the same with the golden hamster. In fact, it is impossible not to hack. This is a rather whimsical animal. This is the element that makes it alluring.

Indeed, it is very exciting to observe the behavior of the animal throughout the day. But in addition, the hamster has another drawback of this character. The fact is that he also changes characters. Which can make it somewhat unpleasant for a while. To counter this, the owners offer them toys to play with. Something to keep him busy while sleeping.


Squirrel is also very common, at least in homemade form. As a result, it can be found in almost all pet stores. It’s pretty hard to tame. Thus, it is wiser to appropriate it from an early age. In this way, the animal adapts to the disciplines and lifestyle that you instill in it.

In addition, he can be very aggressive when he wants to. In the question, he shows respect only for his master, that is, for the person who brought him everything he needs. Therefore, other people are strangers to him. And this, even if they live with him in the same house. As for his food, you have complete freedom of action, as he feeds on everything that is within his reach.


The rat is also another highly recommended pet rodent. He is especially smart. In addition, his way of eating is far from causing dissatisfaction with the owners. In fact, he is omnivorous. So his diet is very simple. Bread leftovers, cookie crumbs and more contribute to its menu.


Finally, the gerbil seduces many people with its incredibly beautiful tail. In addition to being long, she is dressed in soft fur. This makes the animal very cuddly. She is so tiny that her existence does not bother anyone. Moreover, that is why kids love to take it in their hands.

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