Jujutsu Kaisen: Panda confronts Kashimo

Hajime Kasimo is one of the Culling players that Yuuji and his allies distrusted from the start. They assumed that this player must be incredibly strong, given that he had at least a hundred points. The plan was for Hakari to fight them as he is the strongest of the Tokyo Colony group. However, they had no idea that they would all be randomly separated once they broke through the barrier.

Panda’s role in their plan was to find and deal with Hana Kurusu, a wizard who has wings and an angel-like halo. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned and Panda found the terrifying Casimo instead. Panda originally intended to impersonate a real panda in order to avoid fighting Casimo. He might have succeeded if Kasimo hadn’t asked his Kogane if Panda was a Slaughter player. An absolutely one-sided struggle begins.

Kasimo and Sukuna

Until now, Yuuji and his allies had somehow managed to defeat their opponents, but Panda didn’t stand a chance. He even tried to use his sister’s form, which fans have never seen before, rather than his brother’s gorilla form. It didn’t matter to Casimo. Panda was unable to defend himself against his opponent, as their cursed energy is akin to an electric current. In other words, they are in a constant state of electrification. In addition, Casimo’s cursed energy allows him to use attacks that cannot miss without having to play a Domain.

Interestingly, Kasimo is determined to find Sukuna and constantly questions Pandu about his whereabouts. Panda, who didn’t want to target Yuuji, refused to reveal anything. Casimo felt that he was hiding something. It’s unclear what Kashimo wants from Sukuna, but it can be assumed that it’s a fight. Casimo is a reincarnated wizard from the past, so it’s possible that the two men knew each other or even had a fight before.

The fight ends with Panda’s entire body, except for the head, completely destroyed. Fortunately, Panda is still alive. This is possible because Panda had three cores: his brother, his sister, and himself. Each of these nuclei was located in different places of his body. Panda’s core is in his head, so as long as his head is not destroyed, he can survive. However, the cores of his siblings are definitely destroyed.


panda and gorilla cry

Much of chapter 185 serves to show how Panda’s relationship with his siblings develops. Although it is presented as a flashback, it actually takes place in Panda’s innate realm, much like Sukuna and Yuji can meet in the former’s innate realm. His sister is shaped like a triceratops and she is very protective of him, even from their brother who is shaped like a gorilla. Gorilla is the type of brother who ignores and picks on his younger brother, despite the latter’s desire to spend time with him.

We learn how much Gorilla cares for Panda when he learns that he and his sister can no longer stay with him. This is of course because their cores are destroyed in the real world. The siblings break down emotionally, Gorilla mourns Panda as they are taken away as he knows how much Panda needs them. At this point, the chapter returns to reality and reveals that Kasimo destroyed Panda’s body. Kasimo is still trying to get information about Sukun, but Panda still refuses to reveal anything.

As Kashimo is about to finish off Panda, Hakari appears at the scene in an epic fire of cursed energy. Casimo is visibly surprised and excited that an exciting fight is coming up. Meanwhile, Panda is happy that he managed to save his life at the very last moment. It will be interesting to see how the loss of siblings changes him in the future.

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