In Cannes, La Nuit du 12 finally sheds light on Bastien Bouillon

Bastien Bouillon has been walking with his sweet fantasy in the landscape of French cinema for more than a decade, but has not yet seen it for real. But this year, it is on the night of Dominique Moll that the actor finally gets his first major role. “I’ve been working for a long time, but I’m slow.”

After being cut during the editing of his first feature film, he was caught in a whirlwind. War is declaredthe first production of Valerie Donzelli shot with improvised means, three scooters and a van”, that the actor will take his real first steps in the cinema in the role of Nikos, the couple’s friend and privileged witness to their war. A more exotic name than his last name, Franchuillard, but a made-to-measure role as he is close to the duo and knows Gabriel, the son whose story and trials are told in the film.

Thus, his decisive meeting, which changes the fate of aspiring actors, occurred with Jeremy Elkaim. “I ask him to take a lot of space in my life and accompany me psychologically, artistically.” It was he who introduced him to Donzelli and after three feature films and a small appearance in his series Nona and her daughtersit is obvious that the director’s energy and Bouillon’s nonchalance go hand in hand.

It is under the cameras of directors that the actor seems to flourish especially. In addition to his multiple collaborations with Donzelli, he has also toured with Danielle Arbid, Axel Roper and, most recently, Chloe Wittock, in Carousel Love Affair.

Short films are also an exercise he continues to enjoy even after ten years of his career, and has as many short films to his credit as long films. “In addition to the format, which gives more freedom, we can also do more visible things. I built my network through short films, but I don’t see it as a way to bet on the future.”

Leaving one day, a good short film with Juliet Armane

On screen, he recently sang with Juliette Armane, danced with the ballerina Marion Barbeau and is now preparing to tour with a twerk dancer. Later he will see himself on the poster of the musical. “At the conservatory, singing was one of my favorite things to do”he admits.

But for his first major role, no fantasy is allowed. AT Night 12 Dominique Moll, this is Johan Vives, the taciturn, meticulous and uncertain police inspector of the Grenoble police in charge of investigating the murder of Clara, a young woman who was burned alive. As soon as the film opens, the public is warned that the case – like 20% of the criminal investigations conducted by the SP in France – will not be solved and will become a real obsession of Captain Vives, pursued by the violence of this crime.

In this soberly sharp film, everything is built on words and almost hypnotic interrogations. Here Bastien Bouillon plays not with a voice, but with a recognizable among a thousand, but with a look. At night, to banish his frustration, he circles the tracks, sitting on his racing bike like a hamster in his cage. Although we imagined him to be a phlegmatic by nature, it is this role that Bastien Bouillon seems to be closest to. “This need to find a physical outlet that is a metaphor for what goes on in your head speaks to me. I’m very obsessed.”

Simple in form Night 12 also tries to unravel the unfortunate workarounds that, in the world of SP men, place the responsibility for feminicides on the shoulders of murdered women, a bias that Johan, no matter how strict of investigators, can’t completely avoid.

And thanks Night 12the light was on Bastien Bouillon.

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