In Brittany, rabbits with Colombo sauce – Liberation

Experts in Tregor, season 2. In this rural corner of northern Brittany, the land of artichokes and cauliflowers, the birthplace of Ernest Renan, we have been chatting like in a detective series for a year now: “Modus Operandi”, “unknown motive”, “opening”, “surveillance cameras” and even “dog cage”… All means are good to catch whoever would strike first in March 2018. A dozen other attacks followed, leaving behind more than… 120 rabbits. “Today, when we meet with someone, we no longer discuss the weather, but discuss whether the killer has been arrested or not,” Jean-Yves Fenwarque, mayor of Mininy-Tréguier, says. The case has even led to a petition written by a British animal rights NGO and already signed by nearly 65,000 people. Its name, in VO: “Rabbit serial killer on the loose.” Translation : “Serial killer of rabbits in the wild”. And the question still remains unanswered: is the serial killer a human, a predator, or even a human-dog duo?

cabbage leaves

Facts: A dozen residents of Minit-Tréguier and nearby municipalities in the Côtes-d’Armor have seen their pet ziguy rabbits. According to the latest count, 122 leporidae have passed from life to death. Pulled from their homes, thrown to the ground, with no visible marks of blows, bites or blood. “He doesn’t scream, rabbit. Everything was done in complete silence. release the mayor of Minikha, a city with a population of 1,200.

In October, the Côtes-d’Armor Gendarmerie posted a call for witnesses on its Facebook page, accompanied by this chilling description: “Since the end of August, a person has entered private property in the Minii-Tréguier sector, in which houses have been installed. The cages are opened, then the animals are killed in cold blood and left. We regret that today there are fifteen facts, a hundred dead animals with ten different owners.

Eugene L’Evedere and his wife were victims of the rabbit killer four times. Photo by Fabrice Picard. VISIBLE

The first victims are Eugene and Marie-Francoise L’Evedere. They live in a village a few kilometers from the city center. Behind their stone house, a narrow path leads to Jaudi, a coastal river that flows into the English Channel. On the veranda, where the couple receives, there is a wooden plaque: “Work so that one day, when you are old, your work will work for you.” Eugene, 80, retired craftsman. He says he built quite a few buildings in the area. He has been raising rabbits in his garden since his marriage to Marie-Francoise in 1963. In the middle of the garden, the sign does not deceive, moreover: several rows of “cabbage with rabbits” are revealed, recognizable among thousands with this stalk. about forty centimeters, crowned with leaves that fall like an umbrella. One March morning, Eugene finds several dead rabbits near his cage. “I contacted the gendarmerie, but I told them to let me go, I didn’t think it would happen again, he rewinds. But he came back to me a second time, then a third. In the end, I wrote a complaint.”

During the fourth attack, his rabbits are killed in broad daylight. “I gave them cabbage leaves before leaving for a meeting in Treguier around 9 am,” he remembers. Returning two hours later, the L’Evederes find their animals lying on the ground. “And, as usual, they were not skinned, there were no bite marks, the cage doors were open, not damaged.” As for the chickens in the barnyard, they are safe and sound.

This story, many residents of Minia Treguier could do it. For example, Liliane Le Page, whose house and garden is located at the end of a country road. This ex-nanny remembers August 30 well. “In the morning, as we left, we realized that eight rabbits had been taken out of their cages, killed, and scattered on the ground.” Five others still in the cage were rescued, as were several of his chickens. “We didn’t notice anything special” explains Liliana. As for his old dog, who already hears almost nothing and prefers the comfort of the house, he did not give an alarm signal. A few months later, on this January afternoon, the surviving rabbits are still there. But the investigation stalled. “We filed a complaint, and at one time the gendarmes took us for fun, said Liliane Le Page. But as the attacks continued…” She finds it hard to believe the thesis that the predator comes to sow panic in the cells. “Not easy to open, after all…” She and her husband have since installed wires to further secure the cage doors. She is convinced: “A dog can’t handle it, that’s for sure.”


Jean-Yves Benec has also stepped up security at his barnyard, which is now surrounded by a fence. “At least it protects from the animal,” blowing a 58-year-old kitchen manager, including a couple who cook meals for the elderly at Treguier’s home.

On the night of October 2/3, this gardener was visited by a rabbit killer. “It was early in the morning, I was going to feed them before leaving for work with a flashlight in my hand. I found them along all the cells. I’ve had rabbits for thirty years and this has never happened to me.” Jean-Yves lists eleven killed (“including two full rabbits”) and “two missing people who managed to escape the massacre and who are still walking in the field next door”.

However, this case makes you wonder. “It’s not just bunnies, but the knowledge that someone has been in your house, Point Jean-Yves Benec. You can’t tell by the way the house is built that I have rabbits unless you get closer.” The same feeling for Lillian LePage: “We need to be monitored.” Jean-Yves Fenwarch supports: this “someone who knows the area well, probably from agriculture, who knows how to handle animals.” The city councilor, a former engineer specializing in lightning effects, speaks of the file with a certain fondness for metaphors. This “Local Fable of a Rabbit and a Serial Killer”, according to him, did not experience the same epilogue as “Capitol Geese”. And, emphasizing, with a mischievous look: “It’s a matter of il silenzio.” In fact, the inhabitants are forced to guess. Jean-Yves Benec: “It is true that the dog sniffs, but from there until the doors of the huts open…” Lillian LePage: “These creatures have done nothing to anyone. i don’t know if [le tueur] was upset about a rabbit problem when he was little… Anyway, we talk about it everywhere and maybe he laughs at it. Media coverage breaks habits. Eugene L’Eveder: “It is not easy for us to appear on television and receive such a large number of journalists. The story seems to have gone around the world on the internet. The M6 ​​report, in which a forensic scientist talks about serial killers who tried their hand on animals before moving on to people, intensified the psychosis.

Several rabbit owners have installed cameras. Photo by Fabrice Picard. VISIBLE

For Albert Le Goff, this has gone too far. On the phone, the 68-year-old retired farmer is more than grumpy. For his testimony, he begins to ask “currency”, is an “500 euros in the current account, because the rabbits will not return.” The next moment is disappointing: “There is nothing more to say.Finally he agrees to accept us. Sorry again – “I wasn’t very nice to you” – and again talks about that October evening, when, taking his dog out for the last time to pee, he sees “Shadow of a Man Disappearing in a Cornfield” and “The garden gate slams behind him.” Annoyed by the gossip that makes him a liar, he claims to have had no dreams. That evening, four rabbits lie on the ground without a trace of blows and blood. “It looks like he’s kicking them in the ribs”, grimaces Albert Le Goff. Since then, he has installed another lattice in front of his houses, which he locks with padlocks in the evening. He is annoyed not so much by the shortfall (15-20 euros per person) – he has already written off – but by how he is going to tell his grandchildren about all this, who are very attached to “Grandpa’s Bunnies” that they sometimes bear nicknames. He himself, however, feels little. Rabbits, of course, he cooks them. “But the rule is, once you’ve killed, don’t eat it for eight days. After that we make stew and don’t think about it anymore. Jean-Yves Benec sighs: “When your granddaughter asks, ‘Daddy, are we going to see the rabbits?’, it’s not easy to answer.”


But what is the police doing? White cabbage, bye. After contacting the Côtes-d’Armor Gendarmerie, we did not respond to our inquiries. We have just learned that several rabbit owners have installed cameras in front of their cages. Investigators visit regularly to analyze the images, hoping to find the culprit(s). So far without success. As for the victims, they no longer know where to go. Only the last attack in mid-December was officially attributed to the predator after the autopsy of the dead creatures. But maybe the attacker came with a dog…

In the corner, except for Albert Le Goff, no one saw the alleged killer (who faces two years in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros). Marie-Francoise L’Evedere says she saw a man dressed in “long dark coat and hat”. Ankou (Grim Reaper’s version of Breizh)? Description aided by word of mouth continues to circulate anyway. Just like stories unearthed from the past, which the local press happily unearths. Twenty years ago, it was in Morbihan that a series of similar acts were committed. At that time, the killer was not arrested.


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