I blame my friends for helping to destroy the planet by having children: am I wrong?

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Question for Daronna

Dear Daronne,

With global warming and the ecological crisis, I have more and more problems with people who have children.

There are already so many of us on the planet, and we will soon run out of resources, but on top of all this, it is super polluting the child, you can’t say the opposite.

I can’t even pretend to be happy when a friend tells me she’s pregnant.

Don’t you find it unconscious to reproduce yourself?


Reply Daronne

My little hamster (sorry, I’m running out of ideas)

Well, yes, yes, I agree with you, but at the same time, as a mother, I feel stupid, damn collective dissonance. You really annoy me there.

Because, like you, this burning earth story, I can’t say that it calms me down. And I can’t even tell you that I strongly disagree with your point of view about children, although I gave birth to myself and very selfishly, this is the coolest thing I have ever had.

Children, pollutants, children, pollutants

On the one hand, I completely understand the green argument for not having children, especially since we’re not going to lie to each other, not many of us use washable diapers and cloth napkins. .

And there’s not much in it, I never had it. The amount of environmental bullshit that I have done and still do for my children, I swear to you, I am crying (actually) in shame, answering you.

If I didn’t feel so guilty about taking the plane, I would go to the ice floe to apologize to the last three bears that still live in the village. (Well, yes, I’m joking insipidly, but at the same time, what else do you want me to do.)

Children pollute seriously (or not) Children are also the crap of small potential capitalist consumers. Guys, between the local organic option and the thing made on the other side of the world neon pink, which will give them straight cancer, they choose neon, and sometimes you don’t want to beat yourself up with their screams, so you give up, and not only are you a shitty parent, you are also a shitty parent. because of you the planet is losing weight.

I’m not going to talk to you about wanting children. I know that this argument will not be considered acceptable. Desire remains desire, nothing forces me to satisfy it. This is what we repeat cismecs for years, so we daronnes, we’re not going to brandish the “we couldn’t do anything” argument. First of all, we didn’t want to stop.

And there are also arguments in favor of children: firstly, if we bring them up correctly, they can save us all. This is unlikely, but possible. You should see how my child makes me pick up all the garbage that we meet on our way as soon as we leave the house!

Baby, we traumatized her as a child, bringing her to a shelter for mutilated marine animals, very good atmosphere. Years later, she still throws away the smallest piece of plastic she left behind, fearing that the turtle (which would get lost in our suburban suburb of Moscow is completely unseaside) will swallow it by mistake.

Capitalism, that son of Satan

We Westerners consume the planet’s resources like pigs. We spend, we throw away, we don’t care After us the floodand then we cry because there are too many of us and we will never have enough to feed everyone.

Although, maybe if each person did not consume ten, we would have enough to share with friends. You see, I’m not a sociologist, I’m just a daron, but I tell myself that there is a way out.

And above all, while we kick ourselves for the fact that the machine still eats meat twice a week and has allowed itself a second child, the rest of us, who sort all our waste, who no longer eat (almost) meat who (almost) don’t drive anymore, and for those who do, who teach our children to care for the world from a very early age, Total Énergie continues to use fossil fuels. OKLM even if it means moving entire villages in Uganda.

And the World Cup is still taking place in Qatar in air-conditioned stadiums built in inhuman conditions.

I’m too angry, I swear you’re not angry? I’m too angry because you’re right, by our standards, we should stop everything that can pollute the environment. But giving up something that can be — if you so desire, not everyone is meant to be — as extraordinary as parenting so that Total and its friends can continue to pollute in peace infuriates me. And I don’t want to miss the mark anymore, shaming the sisters who are trying their best.

So, I offer you something: you, me, our mother friends and those who are not, unite and are going to set fire to capitalism, do you like it?

I’m leaving you, I have another committee meeting. I know it’s not my first, but it takes what it takes.


Your daronna

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