How to take care of a pet while on vacation? Four solutions in the Puy-de-Dome

Are you going on vacation soon and don’t know how to take care of your cat, dog, hamster or chickens (yes, they need daily visits too)? Here are the solutions offered in the Puy-de-Dome.

Ask a friend

A retired neighbor with whom you can cuddle a cat or take a walk with a dog, friends who are accustomed to hamsters … The only condition for everything to go well is the desire of a person. This decision will only cost you a small gift to bring home from your vacation!

Scan Facebook groups and websites

Many of them connect people (by entering the keywords “animal care 63” in the search bar, for example for Puy-de-Dôme).

Some even offer custody exchanges: you look after Bubulle the guinea pig in July, her owner takes care of his Chihuahua Mindy in August. An agreement must be reached between the two parties, so take the time to discuss it and meet beforehand.

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Hire a professional pet sitter

This is a guarantee that you are dealing with a qualified specialist who will not let you down the day before departure. This inevitably involves costs, depending on the number of visits and their duration.

The possibilities for home nannies are numerous. Laura and Yolen from Les Animaux des Dômes keep cats, dogs, reptiles and even chickens!

This option is ideal so as not to impose a change of scenery on your pet, but only if you are away for only a few days. “In addition to four days of absence, in particular for dogs, we prefer to redirect to a boarding house, otherwise he will be bored,” explains Laura Jalagier and Yolene Laforgue, Animals of the Domes.

Contact an animal care home

They are often species-specialized and show themselves to be “complete” very early. “Some people plan their holidays according to the availability of our kindergarten. We have been receiving calls since January!” says Julie Mazot of Auberge de Romagnat, dedicated to cats.

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Visiting the facility will allow you to check the cleanliness, the size of the boxes, and get to know the shelter staff. You need an up-to-date vaccination card, the price is also higher, but this solution is preferable in case of a long absence. Your companion will have company all day long, he will be able to play with other animals… As well as rest for him!

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