How to get Foam Finger and Bongo Drums in Roblox Tower of Misery – Kung Fu Panda: Dragon Knight event

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To promote the Netflix-exclusive series Kung Fu Panda: Dragon Knight, which will release on July 14, 2022, Gamefam Studios, DreamWorks Animation and Netflix have teamed up to bring Poe to the Roblox metaverse. For a limited time only, fans of Po can find him hidden in the Tower of Anguish and earn two exclusive in-game items, Bongo Drums and Foam Finger, by completing his treasure hunt. For a rundown on how to win this item, continue reading below.

How to complete the Po Treasure Hunt in Tower of Misery

To complete Po’s treasure hunt and earn both in-game items, you’ll need to wait for the tower to transform into its Kung Fu Panda-themed version. Unfortunately, unlike the previous collaboration with Doctor Strange, there is no way to know exactly when this transformation will take place. For this reason, you should keep a close eye on the tower theme pictured below!

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When the tower transforms, talk to NPC Po to start his quest. To complete this quest, you will need to find three pieces of Po’s clothes, his pants, head, and glove. These items can be found scattered throughout the different levels of the tower.

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Once you find all three pieces, press the red CLAIM button to activate the gauntlet and get a small buff for the rest of the round.

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Once the round is over, you should earn a handful of XP! Now find and select the Kung Fu Panda themed button on the left side of the screen, this will open the event menu.

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As you progress through the levels in the Tower of Misery, including the Kung Fu Panda themed level, you will earn money. You can also watch ads from this menu to earn money. This currency can then be used to purchase Bongo Reels ($15 in-game currency) and Foam Finger ($20 in-game currency). Bongo Drums can only be used once per round, so you’ll have to redeem them each time a new round starts if you want to keep using them. Foam Finger, on the other hand, no pun intended, is a permanent item, meaning once you buy it, it can be used forever.

After purchasing these items, tap the backpack icon on the left side of the screen to open your inventory. Then select the “Items” submenu to access and set Bongo Drums and Foam Finger to the in-game hotbar. Once the hotbar is set, simply click on each item to hold it, then click again to use him. With the Foam Finger equipped, your character will clap every time you press the left mouse button. With bongo drums, your character will play a drumbeat every time you press the left mouse button.

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Keep in mind that these items are in-game only and cannot be worn outside of the Tower of Anguish!

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