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Welcome to the Kingdom of Feathers! Young Hopper Chickenson is the adopted son of King Arthur, a famous rabbit lover. Half chicken, half rabbit, our young hero is adventurous himself, but his clumsiness often plays tricks on him.
When Harold, King Arthur’s brother, escapes prison to find the Dark Hamster Scepter and overthrow his brother, Hopper decides to go after him.
With the help of his faithful servant Archie, a sarcastic turtle, and Meg, a martial arts expert skunk, he embarks on an epic adventure. Together, this fun trio will face numerous obstacles, and Hopper will try to come to terms with their differences in order to become a real adventurer.



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Maxim Sulpis

As a Disney lover, I was curious to see how the Belgian studio could compete with this American giant.
To my surprise, we really became closer!
The graphics are great and the storyline is amazing!
I recommend it with or without your kids.

Rudy M

An Indiana Jones cartoon, perfect to make my daughters happy, great scenery, great adventure, maybe a few songs and a little bit of humor are missing to make it top, but it’s already very successful.

Benito G.

The director, who has already made a film for us, is significantly animated to raise environmental awareness. here it’s all about difference and self-worth with an achievement where we could compete with the Disney we know. and on this the real still shows us a certain level. A story that we could see in a family movie, but of course with some changes. But who remains enough…

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Karen M.

For once, my kids didn’t ruin a movie in the middle of a cartoon, the best proof of that! Not only did we not notice how time passed, but above all, we laughed a lot! Act!

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Adapted from the comic

Hopper, half chicken, half rabbit, is a comic book character created by Chris Grin. Sony Pictures Animation bought the rights to the comic from Dark Horse Comics, but the studio ultimately decided not to release the project. Mathieu Zeller, president of nWave studios, fell in love with Dave Kollar’s script and decided to develop the project.

four hands

Hopper and the Dark Hamster with Ben Stassen and Benjamin Moske. The former notably directed Fly with Me to the Moon, De Sami’s Extraordinary Journey, and Royal Corgi. As for the second, this is his first achievement. His role “was to coordinate the work of the teams so that everyone was going in the same direction. Stassen goes further: “He already had a wonderful experience
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We owe Hopper and the Hamster of Darkness to nWave, an animation studio based in Brussels, Belgium. Its president, Mathieu Zeller, explains what sets nWave apart from other European studios: “Unlike other animation studios that almost systematically subcontract at the start of production, we have integrated the various stages of filmmaking. Each of our employees
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