Hamster Adoption and Care Tips

NACs, or New Pets, while not all that new, are becoming more and more popular in our homes. Their maintenance, diet and all their needs in general are now better known and worthy of consideration before adopting one of these animals like a hamster here!

Hamsters are pets that require little, as long as a few basic rules are followed to ensure their well-being. Preparing for their arrival at your home and observing their behavior will give you the keys to their development. Our advice on how to get a hamster and live in harmony with him!

Adopt a hamster – how to welcome it?

Hamsters are small animals, solitary, nocturnal and ferocious. much more exciting than it looks. From a huge family of rodents, they have gone through millions of years of evolution to get to our homes.

The golden hamster is very popular © Khairunnisa Mohd Roslan

accept and take care of NAC like a hamster requires you to remember a few things.

Hamster Habitat

It should not be assumed that because the animal is small, it does not need space. So a hamster needs a cage Minimum 100 cm long and 40 cm widepreferably with multiple levels.

Also make sure the cage has horizontal bars. 10 millimeters max. even 4 to 6 millimeters only in golden hamsters, which are the smallest hamsters you can find.

Inside your cage, make sure your hamster has several different places to hide and hide. He will also be in dire need of toys, activities, stimulation, and other constant discovery in order to feel good at home.

Finally, we must find them. quiet place place it there and away from drafts, which are very potentially dangerous for hamsters. The same place should be protected from direct sunlight and ideal temperature 20°C.

Another important point: do not put a cage with a hamster in the bedroom. Indeed, at night he is a very active companion and can feverishly spin in his wheel for hours. Not suitable for light sleepers. Similarly, the hamster will rest during the day, so don’t disturb or surprise him: he might bite!

take a hamster

Hamsters need space to perform vital functions: climbing, running and playing, as well as resting © AlexKalashnikov

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Also make sure your hamster cage have ledges so that the bedding is not ejected too quickly. Also, don’t skimp on the tray, hamsters love to bury things and hide!

food for hamsters

The pet food market is developed enough that you can find a good composition of dry food (pellets) for your hamsters. But you need to understand that this diet will directly affect the health and well-being of your hamstersand that as such it should be a little more thoughtful.

If you don’t need never give them leftover food, cookies or other sweets, you can bring them hay, seeds of all kinds, oatmeal, and animal proteins. Your pet’s age affects their dietary needs in the same way as their breed (dwarf, golden, Syrian hamster, etc.), so get information.

In case your hamster starts to get too fat, feel free to take it upon yourself and visit specialized veterinarian hamster and NAC to advise you.


Exceptcell servicewhich must be kept clean, and to change the small bottle that is used to supply water at any time, hamsters must be able to ride on the sand to maintain his coat.

Do not use any sand, as commercially available sand may be too abrasive. Use, for example, sand especially for chinchillas.

Deceive : Transporting a hamster seems easy, and it’s more or less the case if you know how to respect the animal, the idea is not to stress it because it’s not a toy and you don’t want it to bite you.
So don’t catch him let it rise in your hand before placing another hand on him to protect him. If he’s more shy, leave some tube in his cage and wait until he’s inside to get a roll.

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Banner illustration: a hamster is a NAC that children appreciate © Maya Argakieva

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