Get Panda Helper VIP, Tutuapp VIP Free – IOS 11.3.1 (with jailbreak)

In this article, I will show you how to get Panda Helper VIP, Tutuapp VIP on iOS 11.3.1 for free using Cydia – Jailbreak. If you like hacked games and ++ apps, you must know these two apps as Panda Helper and TutuApp. Almost everyone who downloads pirated games and ++app knows about tutuapp and panda helper. There are two types, one is the free version we use and the other is the VIP or paid version. You must pay to download the VIP version. Today I will teach you a step by step guide on how to get Panda Helper VIP, Tutuapp VIP for free using Cydia – Jailbreak.

What is Panda Helper VIP?

Panda Helper VIP is a third party app designed for iOS devices. This application is compatible with all iOS devices of any version. Through this app, you can access some pretty cool third party apps, settings, free games, and modified versions of Appstore apps. This app is a great alternative to the App Store when you can’t find certain apps there. And there is no need to jailbreak your device to get the free version of Panda Helper. Panda helper provides modified versions of amazing apps and you can enjoy unlimited lives, gold, money and coins in one game. Our aim is to give you amazing download experience.


Panda Helper VIP Features

  • Provide over 1000++ applications
  • Stable and compatible without jailbreak
  • Modified apps and hacked games
  • Free paid apps in the App Store
  • No need for jailbreak and Apple iD
  • Perfectly compatible with any iOS device/version
  • Free and paid version available
  • No viruses no recall

What is Tutuapp VIP?

Tutuapp is a third party app that allows you to download ++ apps, cracked games and free paid apps that are not available in the Appstore. This is a huge bonus not only for those who are used to jailbreaking, but also for those who do not want to jailbreak their devices. Now it was only the regular version that can be downloaded for free. Tutuapp VIP is the same as the regular version, but the VIP version is faster, compatible with any iOS device, can be used without jailbreak, and has many more ++ apps and hacked games.

Tutuapp VIP Features

  • Free paid apps and ++ apps
  • Free hacked games/Free paid games
  • Over 2000+ apps and games
  • No jailbreak/root required
  • App download does not require Apple ID signal
  • High download speed (HD quality)
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Compatible with any iOS device running on any version

How to get free Panda Helper VIP, Tutuapp VIP from Cydia?

To get Panda Helper VIP, Tutuapp VIP for free, you need Cydia, an internet connection and a browser. Follow the instructions below.

Important note: This method only works on a jailbroken device because you need Cydia to install an app that can’t be found on a normal iOS device. You must have a jailbroken device or it won’t work for you. Tutuapp VIP and Panda Helper VIP are safe, but again, before doing anything, be sure to backup your iOS device, and if something happens to your iOS device while downloading the apps below, we are not responsible for your loss.

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Step 1. Open Cydia on your iOS device and navigate to the source category. Click Edit, then add this URL ( Sometimes the installation of packages hangs, so you just have to wait. It usually takes 10-20 minutes, and if it doesn’t work after a while. Cancel it, then try again.

Add the following source to Cydia

2nd step. Go to the search bar and search for “NoMoreSmallApps”. Click on it and then install it. After installation, your device will automatically reboot. You may have one or two options. Just install both to confirm.

Find and install “NoMoreSmallApps” from Cydia.

Step 3 Once your iOS device restarts, open Cydia and click on the search bar. Find “AppSync Unified” then install it. You will have many options. Click on each one and it will show you if Electra is from jailbreak or not. You can also install all of them for confirmation.

Find and install “AppSync Unified” from Cydia.

Step 4 Open Cydia again and click on the search bar. Search for “Panda Helper VIP” and then install it on our device. The Panda helper is the “Appsynce Unified” package and “Appsynce Unified” is the “Cydia kiiiimo” package.

Install Panda Helper VIP

Step #5 open (This site) and then you will have Tutuapp VIP and Panda Helper VIP. Click Install, then wait for it to install. You can easily install both from this website, but the sh method

Download Tutuap VIP

That’s it, you have free “Tutuapp VIP” and “Panda Helper VIP” on iOS 11.3.1 without revocation and they work great. Sometimes it may freeze or freeze. Sometimes this is due to the fact that you constantly use it too often. Don’t worry, just turn off your iOS device and open the app after a while.

Panda Helper VIP / Tutuapp VIP

This is the best way to get Panda Helper VIP, Tutuapp VIP for free on iOS 11.3.1 with Cydia – Jailbreak. Hope you got something out of this article. I will do my best to find as many items as you want. Also, if you have any concerns, suggestions, or requests, you can simply say so by leaving a comment in the comments section. Thank you for being with us and don’t forget to subscribe and visit our website every day as we post new articles every day.

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