French Animation International Distribution (January, February, March 2022)

French animation in 2022 started well: in the first three months 1 in 3 French cinema viewers abroad have seen an animated film ! Among the 16 productions, which brought together more than 100,000 moviegoers, 5 are animated. In general, it is family films that attract the most viewers outside our borders. In addition, only 2 unreleased titles attracted 2 million views.

Top 5 French animated films by international ratings in January, February and March 2022
classify header Territories Starters (01.01 – 31.03.22) Total entries as of 03/31/22
one Valiant* 21 1 356 480 1 356 480
2 Hopper and dark hamster* 6 653 969 653 969
3 Around the world in 80 Days thirteen 450 854 1 189 315
4 heap sixteen 360 570 455 902
5 run * fifteen 111 449 122 504

* French Minority Financing Production

Long awaited after the box Ballerina and his 14 million tickets (€79 million box office) in 2017, Valiant impresses from the first launches and exceeds the threshold of 1 million visits in 1 month of work. Directed by Theodor Tay and Laurent Zeitoun, co-produced by Simpatico (France) and Canadian Caramel Films and Main Journey, sold by the British company Anton Corp, is among the 5 most viewed films of the week in 9 overseas markets. Almost 900,000 Latin Americans and almost 400,000 Russians did not let it pass (Central Partnership, 0.83 million euros).

Hopper and dark hamster is another unreleased film chosen by 586,000 Russians (Volga, €1m) and 61,000 Dutch (Independent Films Nederland, €0.55m). The film by Ben Stassen and Benjamin Mosque is produced and exported by nWave Pictures (Belgium) and Octopolis (France).

On their side Around the world in 80 Days and heap continue their international tours. The former made a splash in Germany with 290,000 viewers (StudioCanal Germany, €2.03m), while the latter seduced 150,000 Mexicans (Zima, €0.36m), 72,000 Colombians (Cine Colombia) and over 30,000 Danes ( United International Picture). – UIP (Denmark), 0.38 million euros) and the Swedes (Noble Entertainment Group Scandinavia, 0.38 million euros). SND Groupe M6 is co-producer and exporter heapJulien Fournet’s first animated film produced by TAT productions in collaboration with France 3 Cinéma.
Concerning runit received 3 Oscar nominations to secure a spot on overseas screens: notably, it grossed $340,000 in the US (Neon, 36,000 admissions) and £220,000 in the UK and Ireland (Artificial Eye Curzon, 30,000).

Upcoming theatrical releases*

  • run (minority) sold by Cinephil will soon be released in Latin America (Diamond Films), South Korea (Watcha) and Portugal (Films4You).
  • Hopper and dark hamster (minority) marketed by nWave Pictures and Octopolis, soon to be released in South Africa (Filmfinity), Hungary (Vertical Entertainment Kft.), Italy (Warner Bros. (Italy) and Romania (Vertical Entertainment).
  • intersectionsold by Indie Sales, soon to be released in Germany (Grandfilm).
  • my afghan familysold by Totem Films, soon to be released in Switzerland (First Hand Films)
  • Even mice go to heaven (minority) marketed by Charades will soon be released in Poland (New Horizons Association) and Singapore (Shaw Organization).
  • Where is Anne Frank!(minority), sold by Wild Bunch International, will soon be released in Spain (Vértigo Films) and Russia (Russian Report).
  • heapsold by SND Groupe M6, will soon be released in Australia and New Zealand (Icon Film Distribution).
  • Valiant (minority) sold by Anton Corp will soon be released in Spain (eOne Entertainment España (formerly Aurum Producciones)) and Portugal (Cine Mundo).
  • yakari movie, sold by Bac Films Distribution, soon to be released in Portugal (Films4You) and Turkey (CJ Entertainment Turkey).

* The trips mentioned are likely to be canceled or rescheduled.

For more information on results and international distribution of French films, please contact Andrea Sponchiado ([email protected]).

Author: Andrea Sponciado

Last update : May 13, 2022 at 18:36 CET

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