Following the success of the GCO in Strasbourg, a major detour of the East is planned.

On December 17, GCO opened its doors. Despite all the criticism and controversy leading up to its debut, it is clear that the success of the 2022 fashion motorway is absolute. Reduced pollution, unbeatable prices, and informed destinations… don’t drive. moreover, the tank is full for this flagship of Alsatian industry. Thus, such a success, both public and critical, could require only seconds. That’s why public and private authorities have decided to start a second construction: the Great Bypass East, or GCE, which will carry trucks and other heavy vehicles through Germany.

Nothing foreshadowed such success, and only a handful of diehard optimists believed in it. Today, however, the results are clear: GCO has succeeded. Selected “highway of the year”compiled by the magazine Voies Inbattables Nationales de la Conduite Innée (VINCI), the project exceeded all expectations. Air pollution experts salute “very example of an environmentally friendly project”. As a result, experts noticed a 38.76% reduction in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and fine particles (PM10)..

Therefore, during the press conference this morning, the atmosphere was only filled with joy and good mood. Celebrating the Motorway of the Year title, the project promoters took the opportunity to announce some news that bitumen fans will never cease to excite. Indeed, a new motorway project is under development. His nickname? GCE. A new major detour of Strasbourg, but this time towards the east and its German neighbor.

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To the east full of new ones (asphalt)

According to Bob L’Ermine, a former prominent politician in Strasbourg: ” We believe in sexual ecology. And the results speak for us. We have seen very positive results from GCO in terms of reducing pollution. From now on we want to go further, faster, stronger “. The figures for the project are really dizzying: 42 kilometers of motorway, €10 round trip fare and 67 hectares of cleared forests. So many promises to reduce pollution. All this, passing through Kehl, is in the purest form of border relations between France and Germany.

GCE Promise? BUT “transboundary superhighway”which will offer many leisure activities and competitions to increase customer loyalty. Among the novelties of GCE, we note the service station, reviving the Zizou Bar, a symbolic Kehl bar, which unfairly disappeared. But also go-karting, bowling, a manufacturer’s restaurant and a loyalty card to pay less during the tenth ride. For Bob L’Ermine, the goal is huge: This is an ambitious, attractive project that affects environmental pollution. Today we must take the second step and take care of tomorrow’s environmental priorities. And these pass by the car “.

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Associations protest

However, as with GCO, success inexorably breeds envy. Environmental protection associations protested this new project during a press conference this morning. Their demands were especially concerned with respect for the forests, many of which pass through the foliage on the left. Is he also involved? Survival of the little hamster from Baden-Württemberg, cousin of the big hamster from Alsace..

In addition, albeit long forgotten, Bob L’Ermine once again raised the issue of direction indicators on the future track. He assures that the mistakes of the past are now studied: “ Our panels will be made from reclaimed wood in an environmentally friendly and respectful manner. “. This announcement was also made immediately after the death of the little hamster of Baden-Württemberg, crushed by a freshly touched excavator. The irony of life sometimes turns out to be quite ironic.

After the overwhelming success of GCO’s first opus, public and private authorities are back with GCE.. Work will start in two months, the time to obtain permission from the Strasbourg Administrative Court. And will undoubtedly have the same speed and the same success as GCO.

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