Everything you need to know about the game (gameplay, open locations…)

The Promise of the Game sound 3D in the “open world” was something to seduce, but it cannot be said that the first images Sound boundaries was a great success. the game Sega showed up throughout June with a lot of information scattered here and there, but he was hard to convince. So much so that we have seen a lot of fans begging for a delay, especially after seeing the gameplay from the game that we have, especially from the many exclusive reviews from IGN. So here’s everything we know about Sound boundaries.

What is Sonic Frontiers about?

If the setting of the game promises to be very different, it’s because Sonic got lost far from home. He, Amy, and Tails apparently crash-landed on Starfall Island after passing through an interdimensional portal in search of the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic will separate from his friends and land on Kronos Islandone of the main islands in the game.

At the moment, this is the only island we have seen in the game. It is full of ruins of the ancient Koko civilization, and you will have to try to understand their history. To help him, he can count on a mysterious character named Wisewho can talk to Sonic to guide him.

What is cyberspace?

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While waiting for the opening of other islands, we have already been able to see how what we could call dungeons will look like, namely Cyberspace. This is another dimension that confuses all genres a little, as we were able to see some traditional game levels sound with Green Hill Zone environmentbut also in more urban environments such as motorways.

Here you will have to solve puzzles and go through levels very quickly to get the keys that allow Sonic to progress, with gameplay similar to other games. sound 3D. But there will also be dungeons that are 2D as per early reviews of the game. Each area of ​​Cyberspace will be different, and even though the levels are seemingly very short, there will be a few challenges to complete in order to run them multiple times.

Open world or open locations?

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In addition, it must be said that Sound boundaries changes a lot. Because it’s an open world. Well, no, not that much. Sega’s communication on this is a bit vague because the publisher prefers to talk about playing with open spaces. So we can imagine that each island will have its own map, a bit like Pokemon Legends Arceus.

You will be free to explore the islands, which means that the classic level design of the saga had to be turned on its head for this episode. We can move at full speed in the scenery, but outside the flowering fields and mountains, we will meet boosters, railings and jumps that will help us move faster. So yes, it must be a little weird to see rails floating in the air in the distance (let’s face it, it looks like squiggles in the sky), especially with clipping, but everything is positioned so that there are many ways to go faster, regardless of the route taken.

And besides, if it’s too fast for you, you can change the controls. Two types of gameplay will be offered: action mode and speed mode.. The first allows you to control Sonic more precisely, which is useful for platforming, and the second allows you to achieve the true maximum speed of the blue hedgehog. Moreover, by restoring many rings, we can go as fast as possible, knowing that we lose some of these rings on impact.

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Therefore, we will alternate them in order to better explore the map, which will be full of secrets to discover. As you may have guessed, the formula used in the game is Zelda Breath of the Wild With tall towers that you can climb to get a better view of the horizon. We can also scan the surroundings using a kind of hamster wheels that Sonic can run around in to recharge them.

Obviously, we will be able to meet other characters, even if Sega has not shown them yet. We know it Knuckles will be there as he will be at the heart of the short film associated with the game, but we also assume that Dr. Robotnik not far, because in some images you can see ships with their heads on them.

Along the way, you will also have to solve environmental puzzles. Whether it’s puzzles with plates to activate or pillars to activate in order, these puzzles will unlock new areas and increase Sonic’s stats. The more we perform, the more Sonic will be more resilient, but also stronger and faster..

How are the battles in Sonic Frontiers?

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And that’s the way it should be, as Sonic will face many enemies on the Starfall Islands. The bestiary is completely different from what the saga has taught us to do.

To eliminate these new enemies, Sonic can charge at them at high speed, but also kick them very quickly using combos to make and skills to unlock as you progress through the game. We can also see that he has special attacks, such as when he steps back to make a big dash into an enemy.

Rest assured, if the combat doesn’t excite you (and I must say it doesn’t look exciting) you can activate automatic mode that will do the job for you.

But Sonic’s greatest weapon will be his new ability – Cyclone. To activate it, it will just be necessary to form a ring around the enemy, which will destabilize him and make the project in the air vulnerable. And it will be especially useful for big bosses, which we have already seen in the video.

It almost looks like shadow of the colossus here (so to speak), as it will be necessary to loosen the legs of these large monsters in order to then climb on them and aim at their weak points in height. We also saw a giant and flying boss, very slender, on which you can run. This ability of the Cyclone will also be useful during reconnaissance for solving puzzles and activating mechanisms.

When is Sonic Frontiers coming out?

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Sound boundaries currently scheduled to release in 2022 on all platforms including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Switch.although Sega is reluctant to give an exact date at this time.

And while quite a few fans are asking for the game to be delayed, the publisher says the game won’t be delayed, or at least not because of poor reception over the past few days. We now expect to know more about the rest of his environments, probably towards the end of the summer, and hopefully with a date.

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