[Entrevue] “Victor and the gift of dreams”: a dream life in four dimensions

Three years later Grand trinkets, Théâtre de la Dame de Coeur (TDC) – the famous large puppet theater – returns with a new show, the initial journey into dreamland. Gigantism, surprise, eccentricity… the creative team of about fifty people goes beyond what is possible to surprise regulars and charm newcomers. Victor and the Gift of Dreams.

It’s inspired pensive hamster Serge Marquis, that little rodent that spins at breakneck speed in each of our heads, making us hear our voice, evoking reflection and anxiety, that the TDC writing team imagined Victor, a little boy during the interrogation. Worried about this furry hamster, the character will have to deal with him, fortunately with the guidance of a wise grandmother, a kind of mentor who will help him develop.

It was in the midst of the pandemic that the team set to work with this desire, with this obsession, Richard Blackburn, artistic director and CEO of TDC, would say by phone, “to create a universe that can evolve in four dimensions. . ” Per Victor and the Gift of DreamsIt took six creators 50 days to develop scene by scene, stakes, allegory.”

Then, after mock-ups, dialogue creation, commissioned again this year by Marilyn Perrault, and four versions of the show, a public reading allowed their material to be tested. “This long creative process is inevitable because the show has to find its place among the audience. Is not The little Prince Where The Lion King, this creativity is a risk, we know this in the theater. We need to make sure it’s edible for the general public. As you know, we serve young and old, in the family. So how do you ensure a good evening for both youth and adults? This remains our top priority. »

Through dreams we have a sentence which, though allegorical, says

The idea of ​​taking a dream angle also allowed the team to “have fun on a scenographic level,” says Richard Blackburn. “In dreams, the laws of narration are free, without restrictions, which allowed us to create a really unusual allegory. It’s fucking weird! »

Soul of TDC

If oversize and technical prowess are the key elements of the famous theater located in Upton, in Monteregie, the team has made it their mission to constantly evolve, innovate and offer quality to their audience.

Gigantism will, of course, still be a part of the show this year, but updating the technical facilities – sound, light and multimedia – as well as updating the venue where people attend the performance will add meaning.

“The public won’t notice, the floor is there, the revolving benches are there, but it’s happening inside. We are lucky that now we have a basement, and before we were on clay. It improves a lot. Thus, for the first time in the history of TDC, the show will also come to life from the ground.

“Obviously, as usual, movement around, upstairs, among the public, and there, even downstairs… Very concrete. These are good challenges for us. And this is the first time we can actually test it,” the theater director explains enthusiastically.

Concerned about the need to update proposals while maintaining the spirit of TDC, Richard Blackburn and his team always try to reach consensus during creation. While ideas can come from all walks of life, there is a platform where everyone agrees and where the team draws its greatest inspiration, in this case, the dedication story. “We go into it completely freely, but this is our backstory. There is a good enough level of complicity to develop and ‘challenge’ each other,” says the director.

Added to this collective approach is the desire to offer viewers depth. “Entertainment is a reality, but being meaningful, having something to offer the public in the form of a metaphorical vibration, remains our main concern.

Through dreams we get a statement, although allegorical, but speaking. People will say, “Oh my God. GOOD ! They slept together, but they have something to say! concludes the great manitou with enthusiasm.

Victor and the Gift of Dreams

Dialogues: Marilyn Perrault. Performance by the Theater La Dame de Ker. Presented every summer evening from Wednesday to Sunday from 1 July.

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