Dwarf lop-eared rabbit: character, size and price

The pygmy lop-eared rabbit, often chosen as a pet because of its ease of breeding, is known for its floppy ears.

The pygmy lop-eared rabbit, originally from the Netherlands, is very popular with children. What is his character? Is it easy to lift one? Find out everything you need to know about this lop-eared animal.


This miniature rabbit was bred in the Netherlands in the early 1950s, and comes from crossing dwarf rabbits with French and later English rams. This breed is officially recognized in the Netherlands and then in France in 1984 by the French Rabbit Federation (FFC).

Comparable breeds also exist in other countries, such as the Dutch Lop and the Miniature Lop. The dwarf lop-eared rabbit should not be confused with the mini lop-eared rabbit, which is almost twice as heavy as it is.


The once self-confident Rabbit-Aries allows himself to be stroked and almost never shows anger. stock.adobe.com

The pygmy lop-eared rabbit is very expressive and intelligent. He likes to feel landmarks around him, which is why he quickly becomes attached to his master. He wants to know the corners of his habitat and leave his scent there in order to appropriate a place for himself.

The nature of the dwarf fold rabbit is very calm. Once self-confident, he allows himself to be stroked and almost never shows anger. He is easy to train, sociable and obedient, but can also be autonomous and recognize the name given to him. As a rule, curiosity and gullibility are two of the strongest character traits of this pet.

physical characteristics

The dwarf lop-eared rabbit has a size of 10 to 20 cm. stock.adobe.com

The pygmy lop-eared rabbit is recognizable by its long floppy ears, which distinguish it from other domestic rabbits. This rabbit is best known for its small size and compactness. It measures really between 10 and 20 cm. In terms of weight, it weighs between 1.5 and 2 kg. It should not be confused with the French fold rabbit (35 to 45 cm) and even more so with the English hanging rabbit, which can reach 65 cm in length.

The dwarf ram has a silky coat that is pleasant to the touch. It can be many different colors or lengths. The rabbit’s head is relatively square, with a rounded muzzle and a prominent nose.

How to raise a dwarf lop-eared rabbit?

Raising this pet is very easy if you give yourself the means. The pygmy drooping rabbit primarily needs a climate conducive to calm and confidence. To do this, multiply the sound and tactile interactions. Reach out to him regularly or call him by his name. If you want to forbid him certain things, show him your disagreement by clapping your hands or saying “no” firmly. The pygmy lop-eared rabbit can be very stubborn.

Health and reproduction

The rabbit is recommended to do basic vaccinations. stock.adobe.com

The pygmy lop-eared rabbit lives an average of 8 years, but the oldest specimens can live up to 10 or 12 years. From a breeding point of view, the pygmy fold rabbit can be in heat at any time of the year and is therefore at risk of receiving unwanted litters (between one and twelve kits). It is recommended that the animal be neutered or spayed by a veterinarian.

The pygmy lop-eared rabbit is particularly threatened by ear mites, a disease caused by a tick. It is also recommended to give the rabbit basic vaccinations (HBV 1, 2 and myxomatosis).


To adopt a pygmy lop-eared rabbit, it is advisable to go to a shelter or spa. This will allow you to have a real professional escort, offering a second life to abandoned or abused animals. The purchase price is between 30 and 70 euros, to which must be added the cost of a veterinarian, food and comfort.


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